Carrot Dream Meaning

The carrot is a taproot, where part of the plant grows beneath the ground. A carrot dream meaning of something occurring where much of the activity is hidden or secret. It might also mean that something has been invested, such as ideas, money, a problem, and that this investment has become bigger without your knowledge.

If in a dream you eat carrot, it can signify food for thought, for the body, or regard spiritual food. As people, we can physically process both experience and information, which serves as food that causes our personality to grow and develop.

Also, if you eat a carrot in a dream, it is a sign that you are taking on something new. What thoughts or feelings are you processing in eating that carrot? Perhaps you are thinking about your health, or you are thinking about your dislike of carrots, which could be a sign of negative influences.

If in a dream you saw carrot, this could also have something to do with your dream. It may also be representative of a reward for an animal, such as a donkey. In your dream, this can be interpreted as an actual reward.

A carrot can sometimes represent the penis. It can also indicate something that you need to get from yourself through working hard (digging). It could also be a sign of the benefits of the earth that you have obtained from your experience in the world.

Example: I became overwhelmed with emotion, and started banging on the floor because I was so angry and frustrated. I yelled about being so mad about going after a carrot or rainbow with no results. I complained about a carrot being dangled in front of laborers to keep them working until they no longer could, due to age. They wound up with nothing to show for their years of work in the end. They just get thrown out with the trash once they are done. If it wasn’t sex being dangled, then it was money or something beautiful. It’s the same with politics and religion – all they do is dangle carrots in front of us, and we wind up getting nothing – it’s a mirage. You never get anything real from it.

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