Casino - dream meaning

If you dream about a casino, this is a sign of good fortune. It represents the risk involved in achieving good luck, which results in the simple and quick acquisition of money.

In reality, this doesn’t happen very frequently. Most casino-dwellers wind up losing their money. This is the basis that misfortune may be connected with this kind of dream. Many people first think of impoverishment when they dream of a casino.

This type of dream is interesting because it has a number of meanings. The meaning of a casino when you are dreaming is dependent on the outcome of your gambling fun.

If you dream about playing at the casino, and you can actually see the game, but you don’t know the result, or it is insignificant to you, then it means that you will have to do some household chores soon. You’ll have lots of hard times, and they may be expensive.  

If you dream of placing bets, it indicates ridicule. You will find that your colleagues or friends are playing terrible tricks on you.

If you dream of working in a casino, such as working as a dealer, you need to be patient in real life and wait for something to occur by fate. You’ll experience a nice surprise that is quite remarkable. For a girl, this kind of dream is of happy significance. It’s a sign that there will be a wedding in her near future to someone who is wealthy.

If you lose in your dream about the casino, where someone loses, it means that the dreamer will make a profit. It might be because of a bargain situation, but there is also a good chance that the dreamer will find money that has come out of nowhere. It shouldn’t take any effort to gain this money. If you see money in your dream, this is also significant. If you lose lots of money, it will be even worse in real life.

If you win your bets at the casino, this might mean that you will have bad fortune in real life. The more you win, the worse loss you will experience in real life.

If you dream about winning in a pokies machine, but you don’t actually get anything, take it as a warning. You should be wary not to trust your business partners. Verbal agreements should always be recorded in writing, and signed and sealed by all parties involved. This reduces your risk of suffering from dishonest behaviour by the other party involved.

You should also be wary of dreams that see you winning large amounts of money from gambling – either in a casino or as part of a lottery. This kind of dream doesn’t mean that you will win in real life. It’s a risk not worth taking. If you win a large quantity of money – even if it is just a dream, this is a nice thing for you, but it is done at others’ expense. Winning a card game is a sign that you will find justification before the law, but it will take extensive effort on your part.

Dreaming about your enemy winning money, it is a sign that you will experience complete harmony in your relationships with family members, and business activity will increase. Winning a bet is a sign that your fate will do you well. You’ll be lucky and fortunate in life.

If you dream about a lucky lottery ticket, it is a sign that there is a nice surprise in your future that will involve money. If you are a business person, this can be a sign that you are soon to undergo a good deal.







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