Chamomile Dream Meaning

The dream in which you look at the chamomile field foreshadows the love and warmth of the home. You will find a quiet and happy family life. You can always find support in the person of your household.
Postpone business and find time for your loved ones if you collected a bunch of chamomiles in a dream. You have not paid attention to them for a long time. At home, some problems need to be solved.

When in a dream you tear off petals of chamomiles one by one and give to others, on the threshold of the house soon there will be unexpected, but pleasant guests. When you were presented with a bouquet of chamomiles, you can wait for an invitation to a celebration or family gatherings. It will help to establish relationships with distant relatives.

If you dream about chamomiles that wither, the dream advises you that you should not be angry over trifles and stay in a good mood. Otherwise, you may not avoid troubles in personal relationship. Learn to find a compromise or give way to your partner.
If you dream how you are guessing on a chamomile, tearing off one petal, reflects your doubts on a problematic issue. You have not been able to find the right solution for a long time, and this brings anxiety. Try to concentrate or seek advice from a friend. It will help to make the right choice.

Your feelings will be mutual if you dream how someone else tears the petals from the flower. Do not push your person away with excessive timidity. Otherwise, you may miss this chance for happiness.
If you dream about the road, strewn with petals of daisies, predicts to meet difficulties on the way to its goal. Do not give up, put a little bit more effort and you will succeed.

The romantic period will bring a dream, in which you weave a wreath of chamomiles. Spring mood and joyful minutes are waiting for you with your loved one if you find this time.
A dream about camomile wreath on your head is a sign of discontent with the appearance. Try to experiment, if something does not suit you. Now is a favorable period for changing the image.

The financial success of enterprises or a big win foreshadows a dream where you collect chamomiles for sale. It is a fertile time for all real investments.
When someone else to you sell flowers, it is necessary to moderate the ardor in spending. Otherwise, make many rashes and unplanned purchases that will not bring joy, but will empty your wallet.

Fortune will smile at you if in a dream the daisies are painted blue. All commercial matters now turn out to be incredibly profitable, both for you and for people close by.
The yellow shade chamomile represents grief and sorrow. Most likely, there is a separation from close people. Perhaps, there is a long trip or moving to a new place of residence.

Small chamomile flowers warn of weak immunity. Take care of your health, if you do not want to get sick seriously.
Paper and plastic flowers symbolize betrayal and lies. Do not trust others and do not share your plans. Envious people are just waiting to strike at your reputation and life.

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