Cheating - dream meaning

cheatingCheating on your significant other in a dream is symbolic of impulsivity, or a lack of resistance. It can also indicate that your beliefs have changed, or are different from your partner’s. You are feeling ashamed. Cheating in a dream may also be an indication of trust issues that have been caused by cheating in real life.

A dream that reveals a cheating romantic partner is a warning that certain bad choices will lead to terrible consequences. You should be careful not to turn away from your values, integrity and personal sacrifice. When a partner cheats on you in a dream, this can also be indicative of your own realisation that your partner’s beliefs and goals are different from your own. You may be feeling that they no longer love you after a quarrel. It may also be a sign that you feel left behind by their hobby or career. You may be feeling paranoid, untrusting, fearful or suspicious. It may signify that you are lacking in confidence in your relationship.

The cheating dream is common for pregnant women. This is likely to be because of their uncertainty in their own body image, as they change throughout the pregnancy. They could be worried about how they are going to maintain their husband’s sexual attention. This dream is also common of the husbands of pregnant women.

If a person dreams of cheating that is not related to a relationship, it may be a sign of them being aware of a person’s lack of ethics, or bad behaviour due to taking shortcuts. It may be a general feeling that either you or others are without shame when it comes to achieving your goals. You may be experiencing shame or guilt about your lack of honesty in life. This may also show that you lack respect for others, or have an inflated opinion of yourself. You might be desperate to reach your goal using whatever means necessary. You might feel that are not good enough to reach your goals or to do well without being dishonest. You may be concerned about being seen as immature if you are seen to be incompetent or weak.

Example: A lady dreamt that her husband had cheated. In real life, she had felt jealous of her husband’s hobby, which took up precious time that could have been spent with her.

Example 2: A lady dreamt about her husband cheating. In her real life, she felt embarrassed because her boss had favoured others who she didn’t feel deserved to be treated so. Her dream was most likely a reflection of job insecurity.

Example 3: A young lady dreamt that her boyfriend cheated. In her real life, her boyfriend had lied to her.

Example 4: A lady saw her husband cheating in a dream. In her real life, she had relapsed after being clean for 7 years, and had given into her crystal meth addiction. The dream was most likely a reflection of the emotional pain she felt at her impulsive decision. She had essentially cheated on herself. 







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