Chicken Dream Meaning

A dream about a chicken has a different meaning. Usually, chicken is the result of the hatched egg, it is weak and defenseless, chick needs care and support. Dreaming of a chicken also symbolizes the outcome of your efforts in any matter (financial, love or charitable). It can also reflect your weak and defenseless position.

If you see a chicken in a dream, perhaps in life you care about troubles of others and want to help helpless and weak people.

If you hold, the chicken in your hands in a dream is a sign of rash decisions. It is worth a good look around and does not cut from the shoulder. Otherwise, you would not be able to avoid negative consequences.

If in a dream, chickens go to dream in a chicken coop or you drive them there, most likely, the enemies started a conspiracy and are already preparing to strike. You have to be on a watch. It is better not to trust your secrets to anyone; otherwise, they will turn against you.

The dream with a dead chicken promises a loss of love. For a married woman, such a dream predicts an unplanned pregnancy and disputes with her husband.

Eat a chicken in a dream is a bad reflection of a sick egoism. Such a dream prophesies pain, suffering and irreparable harm to reputation in the eyes of others.

When you dream of a newly hatched chicken, you can hope for a long love story or the beginning of a successful business. However, both will require a lot of strength and ability to remain calm. You will have to make tremendous efforts to break through life’s turmoil, like this chicken through the shell.

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A dream, in which a chicken drinks water, indicates that you are too self-assured in life. This can seriously damage your life.

A few chickens in a dream portend turmoil and unrest. A large brood warns the sleeper about love problems and experiences because of a loved one. If they run around the yard at the same time, the difficulties will turn out to be a much higher test than they seemed and will cover all parts of life.

Chickens next to the mother hen is a sign of betrayal and treason. For a man in love, such a dream promises the fight of the beloved one, perhaps before the wedding itself.

If the farmer sees chickens in the dream, this predicts a hungry year, and the entrepreneur meets with a scam and financial losses. If you saw such a dream, going on a sea voyage, then fate advises you to postpone: the probability of a catastrophe and loss of all property is great. For a mother, a hen with chickens means a false path for her children.

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