Childhood Dream Meaning

If you dreamed of your childhood, this is a reflection of feelings of insecurity and confusion in reality. Fear of duties and unwillingness to take responsibility can destroy all your plans.
If you dreamed of a country house in which you spent your childhood, it means that in reality, you can not do without outside help. In solving problems, get the support of friends or experienced professionals. You can not deal with difficulties independently. Also, this dream embodies your unwillingness to grow up and make decisions in your own life.

If you dreamed of a city apartment, where you spent your childhood, there is not enough responsibility in life. Your actions and words exciting with childish leprosy and resentment, so those around you do not take you seriously.
If you saw in a dream how you view your own children’s photos, it symbolizes irritation and discontent. Those who consider you a frivolous and irresponsible person, cause only negative emotions. Learn to believe in your strength, regardless of someone else’s opinion.

If you dreamed that watching yourself as a childĀ from the outside, you need to overcome the fear of others. Remember that you have already grown up and had the right to your own opinion. Learn to defend it and make decisions on your own. Do not be afraid to resist the majority.
If you dreamed that you were again behind the school desk, this is a sign of a new stage in your life. Your projects ideas can bring significant financial success. The main thing now: to choose the right partners.
If you dreamed of a fight on a school break, you will have to fight for your success. Do not rely too much on the support of friends. Perhaps, it is with them that you will need to compete this time.

If you dreamed of running around among the children in the village, it means that the problems and troubles filled your life. It’s worth taking a vacation and running away from the bustle. Having rested, you with new forces can get down to business.
If you dreamed of a neighbor’s child, you will soon have to change your place of residence. Perhaps you will find a more exciting job in another city or go away after a loved one.
If you dream of familiar people in the image of kids, in reality, they really need support. Take the initiative and offer your help in solving their problems.
If you dreamed of a childhood friend, this personifies new hobbies. Maybe it will be an interesting acquaintance with a man of the opposite sex or an idea that will take you whole.

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