Christianity Dream Meaning

The church from a dream represents your sense of confidence in the future and tranquility. The more beautiful and luxurious the church itself looks and the decoration inside, the more vivid and exciting your life will be in this period.
If you are alone in a temple in a dream, in reality, you are too withdrawn and used to rely only on your strength. It pushes people away from you. Try to instill in yourself a friendliness and sociability.
A cathedral with a multitude of domes predicts a triumphant ending of all affairs. Everything that you have planned will necessarily come to fruition.

The dream, in which the church looked more than modest, hints at the need to change their behavior with their people. Do not treat them disdainfully, and look down. Such actions will lead to strained communication and the severance of relations.
When you saw in the temple with the ruined walls and cracked windows, this is an omen of a difficult period. The subsequent events will be completely unexpected and will violate your internal balance. Try not to lose your head and not to make decisions in a hurry.

The wide entrance to the cathedral predicts an improvement in material well-being. Your work will be highly appreciated and will bring a considerable income.
If in a dream you saw a church in which you go in reality, your family will be prosperous. Those who were ill will get better shortly.

Service, where you are present, and you feel the fragrance of incense, will bring you healing, both from physical ailments and spiritual ones. In life, there will come a period of prosperity and ease.
The desecration of the cathedral presages that you will spoil your reputation. Participation in dubious affairs and promiscuity in dating will push your happiness away. You exercise great caution in your actions.

The sanctuary, which is far from you, prophesies frustration in your deeds and your strength. What you have been waiting for will go a completely different path and will not bring the right result.

When in a dream you come to the temple for a blessing, it speaks about inner feelings and the need for public recognition. Share your problems with friends or a psychologist; this will help relieve nervous tension and find answers to some questions.
If there is no cross at the entrance to the temple or the building itself is in darkness, do not rely on luck. Thoroughly weigh your every decision and action. Otherwise, you cannot avoid big trouble.

A church without holy symbols in a dream is a sign of hardening your soul. Previous events deprived you of the ability to sympathize with someone else’s grief and empathize with people. Find the strength to soften your own heart, until its fossil has destroyed your life.

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