City Dream Meaning

A dream about the city have meaning your relationship with the surrounding world and people. Thoughts and feelings form the image of the city from your dream. The general appearance of the metropolis personifies the excellent presentation and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Dream about an unfamiliar big and modern city portends difficulties and problems. On your life path, there will be obstacles, deciding which, you radically change life itself. Be ready, that the reality will seem entirely other and it is necessary to say goodbye to some people in your life.

Dream about a small town tells that you can achieve success in life thanks to well-established connections or possessing additional information. Try to take seriously even the most insignificant details of the important upcoming events – this will greatly facilitate the task.

If you saw in a dream how you are lost in a strange city, new duties at work will be entirely unexpected for you. Gather with your thoughts and understand what the result is expected of you. Only after that, you can act.

A new metropolis, seen in a dream, predicts surprises in life and an acquaintance with a representative of the opposite sex. The only thing you need is to distribute your time correctly, and you can grab luck at the tail. This acquaintance can grow into a healthy family for many years, only if you do not miss the moment.

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The dream about a burning city promises loss and loss. Whether it’s money or a loved one, seeing such a dream, you run the risk of forever parting with them.

The dream, in which you were in the middle of the streets of the old town, shows a confusion of thoughts and confusion. You need to pay attention to your inner world and understand your values. Only in this way will you be able to fully attend to the present.

Dreaming about empty streets of the city personify the search for their place in life. The meaning, which seemed so close, will again slip away and leave in frustrated feelings. To prevent such a turn of events will help social activity. Make an effort: expand the circle of acquaintances and interests.

Dream of the ruins on the site of the city speaks of the collapse of all hopes. Do not put so much effort into the work – it will be in vain. Also, this dream can mean a loss of a loved one or a strong emotional shock.

Dreaming about megapolis, flooded with water, symbolizes feelings overwhelming you. Whether it’s joy and happiness or sadness and anger, make every effort to keep them under control. Any emotions that will be visible to others can cause irreparable harm to your reputation.

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