Clothing Dream Meaning

Clothing is a symbol of the uniqueness and diversity of the spiritual world. This is a reflection of your love for yourself, self-esteem and ability to resist criticism of others.

If you have dirty clothes in a dream, then this is a sign of deceit in life. Do not trust strangers and people who envy you. Also, you should not start a new enterprise; it will turn out to be successful.

If you see yourself wearing business style clothes, it reflects success in business and a pleasant attitude of people, on which much depends.

A dream, in which clothes are neat but old-fashioned, says that you will miss a profitable enterprise. If in a dream you refused to wear such garments, your environment will soon change, and new acquaintances will appear. Such dream applies to both business and personal matters.

If you dreamed of people dressed in white, then this is a bad sign. You might expect unpleasant changes, illnesses and bitter events for the one who is wearing clothes in the dream. Coloured clothing promises rapid changes. It will be complicated to understand where the good, and where the bad is, everything is mixed up.

A dream in which the clothes are untidy and wrong for you, promises the end of a love relationship. It can also mean a fatal error in the work.

If in a dream you are wearing light summer clothes, this will bring real trouble in business, and circumstances will develop against you.

If in a dream you see yourself naked, it shows insecurity in front of the world around you. Gossips around try to denigrate your name. If another person is exposed in a dream, then in life he decides to take your place, steal success and joy.

If you are dreaming about cleaning or washing clothes, it promises happiness and prosperity.

To give someone clothes in a dream portends to be the cause of gossip about another person.

If you see a belt or a belt from the dressing gown, it foretells about the career growth. Soon, you will get the desired appointment and a favorable assessment of leadership.

If you wear a robe on your outer clothing in a dream, it is a sign that a new person will enter the familiar way of family life. Perhaps it will be a new spouse or just a love affair.

The old clothes in a dream speak of the discord of family life. The more holes she dreamed, the worse things are. If the former clothes are scattered in your hands, you should expect the end of a love story or the breakdown of the marriage. It is worth looking at your life independently and finding a way to build relationships.

If in a dream you are with a stranger in the same clothes, it predicts the infidelity of the husband or wife. Someone is definitely in your place. The more details of clothing coincide with a stranger in a dream, the more emotions and time your second half puts in it in reality.

Clothing from expensive and rich fabrics promises stability and prosperity in commercial activities. The affairs of people in business will go up the hill. Those who are not engaged in their business, this indicates the advancement of the career ladder.
Fringes, lace ornaments and brooches on clothes foreshadow little pleasures, pleasant troubles, and good news.