Cloud Dream Meaning

The cloud dream interpretation depends on what type of clouds you see in your dream. If you see a sun, looking through thin clouds, this dream will bring favorable outcome of all affairs. The wrong situation will soon change for the better, and you can breathe peacefully.

If you had a dream in which you are looking at the stars through a light cloudy haze, suggests it will bring many surprises to life. Small pleasures and happiness will surround you from all sides, giving sensations of happiness and harmony. You just need to pay attention to them.

The dream of flying over the clouds, suggests that in reality the time of luck comes. Now you can take important steps towards your dream. The same is the dream interpretation in which you happen to touch the soft pink clouds.

The dream of sitting on celestial horses, suggests it’s time to return to reality. Dreams took you far from the goal and interfered with real life. This state of affairs will negatively affect the personal atmosphere and work activity.

Another dream interpretation of the cloud depends on the shape of the cloud. If you see the cloud in the shape of the heart, you can rejoice a new relation. In fact, your love is mutual and will bring many happy moments. One has only to be a little bolder and more resourceful.

The dream of gloomy clouds, gathering over your head, asks to wait for trouble. This is an omen of difficulties in their own lives or a messenger of the difficult situation of someone close to them.

The dream of dark black clouds, quickly fleeing into the distance, suggests to tune into grief and trouble. Everything around will be annoying and hurt for the living. Do not succumb to these weaknesses and find occasions for smiles.

If you had a dream about flying along with thunderclouds somewhere, it personifies the beginning of the black band in life. Troubles will haunt you for a fairly long time and drain all monetary and moral resources. Do not take on new projects and complex cases.

The dream of colorful clouds, among which you fly, in reality it promises a pleasant pastime, perhaps in the company of the opposite sex. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting unknown places.

If you had a dream of sitting on a rainbow, touching the clouds, suggests in reality to wait for a well-deserved reward. The applied efforts will be appreciated, and you will receive the laurels due.

The dream about falling from the rainbow into the arms of the clouds, suggests you can count on not only moral satisfaction from the recognition of your work, but also on the financial bonus. This will help you to gain freedom of choice and feel the pleasure of your work.

If you had a dream in which you can swim across the sky on a cloud and touched the top of the mountain, suggests you will be able to solve some mystery. What has long been troubling, will open its true face and cease to occupy your thoughts.

The dream of colorful clouds personifies pleasant surprises. Most likely, a loved one will want to please you with something unusual.

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