Cobra - dream meaning

cobra dream meaningIf your dream is of a cobra slithering past, it is a sign that you have a peaceful and serene life. An attacking cobra warns of a future attack from your enemies. If you dream that you are winning a duel against a cobra, then it means that you will be able to overcome anything thrown at you by your enemies.

Dreaming of being wound up by a cobra without being harmed, is a prediction that you will experience sudden new feelings. If you have a whirlwind romance, you’ll wind up getting married.

Miller interprets the cobra in this way: if a lady suffers a cobra bite in her dream, it means that her friends will be hypocritical towards her in her waking life. Seeing a cobra is seeing evil.

If you kill the cobra, it is a sign that you will go to any lengths to reach your goals, and to maintain your reputation. If you walk past the cobra and let it live, it means that you are always worried about illness or losing socioeconomic status.

If you dream of a cobra taking a strike at you, but it misses, it means that you have the mistaken belief that you are being left behind in life. The truth is that you will receive your recognition in the near future.

Holding a cobra with your hands is a sign that you will soon have worries and trouble. Stepping on a cobra by accident has the opposite meaning, and you will be able to expect joy in your life.

If you dream of seeing a cobra sting someone, it is a prediction that you will cause offense to a close friend. If the cobra also dominates your friend, it is a sign that you will find out about a conspiracy against your friend.

Vanga’s dream book interprets a cobra that slithers on the ground to represent an enemy who is likely to alter their tactics and instigate an attack. The fact that cobras are venomous means that the dreamer will be unlikely to win the fight, and may even find it to be impossible.

If you see a snaky knot in your dream, it is a warning. You should be wary of those who are jealous of you, who wish to cause you ruin in both your work and personal life, and perhaps even in death.

If you are bitten by the cobra, it means that someone dear to you will disappoint you. You’ll discover them as the culprit as you search for where your disappointment has come from. On the other hand, if you see someone else being bitten by a cobra, it represents your own feelings of lust towards them.

A cobra that has curled itself up should be taken as a warning that your enemies are preparing to attack at the most inconvenient time.

A cobra winding itself around your neck is a predictor of someone close to you becoming ill or facing death. If you dream of a giant cobra, it represents the terrible things a society is going to experience, such as tragedy, poverty, hunger, violence and human suffering.

Freud mentions that dreaming of a cobra sunning itself is a reflection of your sexual stance. If you are female, and dream of your partner as a cobra, it means that your sex life will improve. Trying to hunt and catch a cobra is a sign that you have a predatory personality, and your sex life is adventurous and quite physically involved.

Trying to escape a cobra indicates that you have some issues in your sex life, and you are quite embarrassed about having them resolved.

Any snake or insect bites are indicative of conflict with relatives.







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