Coffin Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a coffin is essential, and you especially need to remember the details about the coffin and the scene you saw around it. If anything is inscribed on the coffin – particularly your name, it is a warning to change your lifestyle habits.

A coffin falling represents the dreamer’s capability of managing to avoid significant dangers. If you dream that you are carrying a coffin, it means that you will carry out evil actions and that you’ll have problems that may impact on your friends or relatives.

Hammering the coffin in your dream means that you will be able to rid yourself of those things which would be considered a ‘crutch’ or a bad habit.

If you dream that you have covered the coffin with earth, it means that a person close to you has come up with a dangerous and wicked plan that will cause you lots of trouble.

It’s not pleasant to dream of a coffin, as it places strong emotions within your head. However, these dreams do not always point to trouble.

If the coffin in your dream is open and empty, it is a sign that you will soon buy some new real estate or expand your current house. If there is a dead person in the coffin, you’ll inevitably be at the funeral in your waking life.

Seeing yourself in a coffin is an indication of impending worry that will not quickly leave you.

If you dream of an unknown dead person, it’s a sign that the weather is about to change. In the unusual circumstance that a husband and wife both dream of a coffin at the same time, it means that family relationships will fall into discord, leading to arguments or divorce, or a partner will die.

The worst kind of dream is where a person dreams of a flying coffin. It’s a sign that the dreamer is feeling guilty, or is likely to be humiliated in public.

If an unmarried woman dreams of a coffin, she will enter into a loveless marriage. If the woman is already married, the dream of a coffin is an indication of a joyful celebration or that she is about to make a significant profit.

If the coffin is being driven in a hearse, the dreamer should be aware of the future illness and other problems.

dream about coffin

If a young woman dreams of a flower-laden coffin in the church hall, she can expect marriage vows to be broken. A similar conclusion can be reached for small farmers, meaning that they will reap only very few crops, and their animals will become diseased.

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