Color Dream Meaning

We all see colored dreams, the objects of the whole world have a color. But a dream in which one or more colors are singled out or have a pronounced emphasis requires more careful study.
If in a dream the primary colors are dark and gloomy, then probably in life you have become too dangerous. The predominance of these shades causes bright colors to the cloud and leave a bleak mood.

If you see bright colors in a dream, then they promise pleasant sensations and exciting life. If the color in the dream has flat spots, then this is a reflection of the strong negative factors in life.

Yellow indicates danger. It is worth to be more careful not only in business but also in taking care of your health. It also embodies inherent egocentrism or sexual dissatisfaction.

A dream, filled with green color, talks about the hopes of the soul, pleasant thoughts and a sense of security. Your life is filled with happiness and tranquillity.

The red color is an indicator of excellent health and strength. Your energy will soon find a way out, you just need to direct it in the right direction. This color also reflects strong emotions, such as fury and passion. Pacifying them is necessary.

Seeing blue in a dream is a warning. You are in danger, which you do not yet know. Do not keep your usual meekness. To protect yourself, both morally and physically, it is necessary to find in yourself the power to resist troubles.

If you dream of a black color speaks of the onset of a dreary life. Perhaps grief in the family or separation from your loved one will knock you out of the usual rut. It can also represent a hard experience and shattered nerves.

White color tells about the immaturity of your nature and thoughts. It is necessary to listen to more experienced people and draw conclusions for themselves.

The shades of blue reflect the depth of reflection and wisdom. Such a dream promises an understanding of the causes and the correct decision-making. For this you do not need an advisor, you just need to rely on yourself.

The pink color in a dream says that in life you tend to idealize situations and people. This approach will only bring disappointment and resentment.

If in a dream you paint yourself in different colors, then, in reality, a loved one will believe in evil gossip. This will have a harmful effect on relations and, possibly, lead to a rupture.

A dream, where you paint only your face, foreshadows that you will expose yourself to ridicule with jealousy. Even if you are overcome by an excessive desire to make a scandal, do not do it loudly and, especially, in public. If you painted someone else’s face, then prepare yourself jealous, and you will not be happy with it.

To paint a car in a dream in different colors predicts to hear news of the beloved person. It is not necessary to trust everyone around you.

If you acquire different paint colors in a dream, then, in reality, you will experience dissatisfaction with your relationships. Perhaps you live with this person just out of the habit, and it is worth thinking about parting, weighing all the pros and cons.

A signal about too much haste in life are dreams similar to a traffic light. If the colors change and hurt your eyes, then most likely in life you are in a hurry and do not have time to enjoy life.

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