Coma Dream Meaning

A dream in which you see coma may have a different meaning. As a rule, this is not very pleasant news. Required carefully consider of this dream to avoid trouble.

Dreaming of being in a coma is a sign that you are inhibited in real life. Your boss has noticed your recent lack of initiative, where you have previously shown this trait.

If your dream wasn’t about yourself, then it means that your work has reached a stalemate. And you will not fulfill your career plans. You don’t have any support from your friends, and you can’t deal with your problems alone.

In Miller’s dream book, dreaming about yourself as if you are in a coma ward at the hospital, is representative of significant embarrassment in your current situation. You are having trouble understanding your circumstances. And you are just going along without acting to remedy your situation. You need to be wary of competitors in this situation, as they might work to rid themselves of you permanently. You should act accordingly to regain your boss’s trust in your professionalism. Do everything you can to prove yourself to your enemies and those who envy you. Stay away from a negative attitude and keep busy to avoid being hurt.

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If you see Vanga’s Dream Book, you’ll find that being in a coma in your dream means that you have admitted your faults. And have made visible your failure in dealing with critical things regarding finances, etc. The fact that you have begun to slow down will be  unpleasant news. It’s a way for those who envy you and compete against you to achieve their long-term dream of overthrowing your business. It may also be a sign that you will experience both old and new illnesses.

According to Freud, dreaming of a coma is a sign that you can’t be bothered with your sex life. And are quickly reaching the breaking point in your relationship. You need to try and rekindle your sexual feeling by taking a fresh and unconventional approach. Then you manage to save your marriage and relationship will remain intact.

If you dream of yourself being comatose, it can be a sign that you are entirely dependent on someone else to function. You might be feeling incapable of acting against something. You might feel isolated from others in your life. Or that they are too busy and unable to ever pay attention to you. You may think that you have no real connection with those around you, or that other people find you to be boring.

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If you dream about being in a coma, this may also be indicative that you are feeling isolated. You feel as if any threats against you have become null and void, but may return in the future.

In a negative light, a dream of a coma may be symbolic of your feelings towards a person who you see as ignorant but is too pig-headed to notice. You feel that this person is also over-the-top to notice and begin to reason. You may have been threatened with violence by a person whom you know can’t get near you anymore.

A coma can also be a sign of some aspect of your life that has taken a permanent detour, or at least until you find out otherwise. You might be feeling very uncertain in the wait for normalcy.

If you dream of waking up from a coma, it means that you have regained control of your life and can now read your problems. You have become more independent in resolving issues, and are no longer off on a tangent. Your new insight has shaken your whole belief system. Recovering from a coma is a sign that you’ll be free from your enemies, and it symbolizes your level of strength to fight against them. If your friend is in a coma, it means that you will be left without the support of that friend.

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