Comb Dream Meaning

There are many ways that a dream about a comb can be interpreted.  The comb dream meaning most often relates to privacy. Try to remember all the details of your dream.

If the dreamer gives the comb to another person, this is a good sign. In the reality you can will to form significant relationships. The person they have dreamt about might become a business partner, or they might develop a strong friendship with this person.

If you dream that a woman has given a man the comb, it is a sign that she might be thinking about the possibility of taking him as a lover.

If you have given the comb, but someone refused to take it, it would be worth keeping a close eye on this person. Because they might be likely to betray your confidence. If they do, it will come as such a surprise as to traumatize you.

If you dream that you have given a comb to an unknown person, it means that you want to be in control, and not influenced by the wants and needs of others. If this anonymous person is happy to take the gift from you, it is a sign that your position in life will become stronger.

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If you dream of sliding the comb-over yourself and see strips, it means that you will see your dreams come to pass. It will happen after as many days have given the number of pieces the comb had left in your dream.

The first thing to remember in reading the meaning of a comb is the number of teeth the comb had. Nine teeth are indicative that you have a strong desire to achieve something. But that some things are holding you back. If you own this comb with your hands, it is a sign that this goal will be achieved. That is you’ll resolve your issues and get your way in the end.

If someone gives you a comb that has nine teeth, it might mean that you will soon fall in love. It will be an unexpected love, and you will try to approach it with a level head. So that your feelings don’t run away with you, but you’ll find that it doesn’t work out whatever you do.

If you take a comb not because it makes your fancy, but because you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the giver, then it is a sign that your real-life love affairs will cause you pain, but this pain will not be long-lasting.

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