Corn Dream Meaning

Dreaming about corn is a sign of wealth and affluence. You are so well-off that you take for granted what you have, and don’t see it ever being gone. You are unconcerned about ever running short of anything, and embrace financial leads.

Corn can also be a sign of being wasteful or unappreciative. You incorrectly believe that you’ll never run out of something and that it will go on forever. You waste money that took no effort to earn or was a gift. You don’t care if you lose money. You have no respect for others, and promise things to others that you can’t deliver. You lie about being able to offer cash or opportunities.

If you cook corn in your dream, it means that you are getting ready for success regarding wealth. You are preparing for a time of having such an abundance that you can’t possibly express jealousy. You are putting a lot of work into making sure you have the surplus.

People in financial strife often dream about corn, because they are trying to figure out how to get more money. It can also be a sign that someone has recently received a lot of money.

Dreaming of sowing corn means that lots of effort are required if you want decent amounts of money and that you should look for hard work to become well-off.

If you dream of being happy about the corn harvest, it means that you will have to fight against some enemies. You’ll do it successfully, but in doing so, you’ll find more enemies, and you’ll have to keep fighting to keep afloat.

corn dream meaning

Walking in a field of young corn is a sign that you will soon experience dramatic changes in your life – such as becoming married, but you will not have any regret. If the corn stalk has many ears, you’ll have gorgeous children.

Corn is an excellent promise of wealth, so you can’t tell anyone if you want it to come to pass. You’ll have a successful and wealthy future, and you’ll be rich and have a strong influence. Shelling the corn means that you will have fun and be successful.

If you dream of someone else collecting the corn, it means that you will be happy with the success of someone you love shortly. It may also expect that you will return from a journey as a rich person, which will allow you to open a successful business that far surpasses those of your competitors.

The Modern Dream Book interprets corn to mean that you will have support from your close friends through your depression. The Dream Book of Miller states that you’ll come across honor and wealth quickly, but that you shouldn’t succumb to laziness.

Lasse’s dream book says that this kind of dream means that the dreamer will have a hobby that makes them happy and distracts them from their worries. For this reason, you shouldn’t refuse any social offers. If you dream about maize porridge, you’ll meet a new female friend who is trustworthy with even your deepest secrets.

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