Cotton Dream Meaning

If you dream you see the cotton, the real life will put you in front of a situation where your future will depend on the correctness and delicacy of your behavior.

If you dream that you fall into a cotton cloud, then, in reality, you are able to happily avoid serious problems.

This plant advises you to relax and go on a trip together with your loved one. This will allow you to plunge into new positive emotions. It also predicts the end of troubles and the beginning of a new life.
To see the fields of immature cotton means a positive material result of your enterprises. The fact that you invest labor and strength will necessarily bring financial benefits. This can be a good financial support in the future.
Cotton, which is ripe for harvesting, promises prosperity and great profit in all endeavors. You can bravely tackle the cases that were postponed because of the fear of making a mistake.

The dream in which you grow or collect cotton, speaks about hard work to achieve goals. Gather all the forces and do not despair, all costs will pay off and after a long stagnation, a period of prosperity will come. When you watch from the side for collecting cotton, you can hope for an early addition to the family.

If you had a dream of burning cotton, tune into a collapse of plans. All that has been planned will be destroyed by external circumstances that you can not control. Do not be discouraged, life sometimes presents surprises.

Cotton, which you yourself set on fire, advises not to commit rash acts. Otherwise, you risk being at the very center of a big scandal, then ruin your reputation and relationships with others.
To be a dream owner of your own cotton predicts to buy a large property or get unexpected wealth.

If you dream about the field after harvesting cotton from presages a calm and even flow of affairs. This will help to achieve good results, but grandiose success is not to be expected.
Positive changes in personal and social life will bring cotton, tightly twisted in bales.

The feeling of softness and tenderness of cotton from the dream tells about your overwhelming love for your native person. If you have not talked about your feelings before, now you will be ready to admit them.
When you admire a cotton plantation in a dream, in fact, take a look at the positive qualities of a person who was previously considered unworthy of his attention.

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