Cougar Dream Meaning

This relative of the lion is extremely calm and cool in nature. Her behavior is measured and graceful. Dream with a cougar meaning the same flow of your life – persistence, and predictability give you the opportunity to be confident in your future.

A young puma who luxuriates under the sun personifies firmness of character and reliability. All that you will take will succeed, you just have to believe in yourself.

To see a dream where a puma hunt is a warning about a difficult life stage. Do not start new projects and try to stand out before the authorities, all of this will lead to failure. It is better to hide and save your strength until better times.
A wildcat, playing with kittens, talks about vain dreams. Leave your desires and charms. Time spent in vain does not give you the opportunity to establish your life.

A cougar kitten who approached you closely heralds the appearance of obstacles on the way to the goal. You will have to use cunning to overcome them.
If you are frightened of a predator and shiver, in reality, there is a rupture of relations. This may mean the termination of business relations or the termination of family life. When you managed to overcome your fear, you can count on the successful resolution of all issues.

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Cougar, which you lead on a leash or in a muzzle, means the need for strict control of your desires and emotions. Indulging in weaknesses and rushes will attract a lot of troubles in your life.
A dream, where you happened to meet a puma of red color, predicts a successful resolution of cases in which you do not understand. A little wit and sincere desire to achieve a positive result will help in this.

The predator, who came into conflict with the bear in a dream, symbolizes the complexity of the eternal choice between good and evil. If the bear has won, it will not be necessary to wait for a favorable outcome. On the contrary, your rash actions will turn in big trouble. When the puma gained the battle, you can breathe peacefully, everything will go like clockwork.

If you kill a cougar in a dream, then it is a sign of discord in a friendly relationship. Smooth the conflict or develop it, it all depends only on your wishes and beliefs. Here you need to decide what you want to get as a result – to keep a relationship with a friend or just the feeling that you are right. If you saw how an animal killed someone, in real life you will become a witness of a low act.

The black color of the cougar promises adventurous situations or amazing events in life. This will make an indelible impression on you and make you reconsider your views on life.

If you flee in a dream from a predator, then, in reality, the questions that concern you will remain unanswered, and the future will be uncertain.

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