Cow - dream meaning

cow dream meaningThe cow is usually seen as a lovely and useful animal, so dreaming about a cow is usually fine. However, dreams about cows have a range of meanings.

If you dream of a herd of cows, it may indicate that something has happened of which you have not yet become aware. If it’s your own herd, then your money troubles will become better.

Feeding all of these cows is an indication that you will face those who envy you. There might be gossip that destroys your reputation, by causing trouble in both your work and your personal life, and bring about more conflicts.

If the cow in your dream chases you, it means that you’ll soon face all kinds of tricks and surprises. If you escape, your enemies won’t be able to cause you harm. If the cow is vicious, it’s a warning that it can be dangerous to your business to have emotion or fervour. If you dream that there are cows butting each other, you are likely to have good luck.

If the cow in your dream is nice-looking, has been fed well, and grazes on lovely green grass, you can expect some good changes. You will be given an unexpected chance to alter your situation, and you need to be careful not to miss your chance.

If you dream that you are milking a cow, it’s a sign that your biggest dreams will come true. If you feed the cow as well, you’ll need to work hard to improve your present situation. If you dream of drinking cow’s milk, you might be experiencing (or about to experience) health problems. If you dream of a black cow, your health will become worse, and you will lose money. Milking a black cow will bring about tears. A skinny cow can be an indication of future poverty.

If the cow in your dream is chewing grass, it’s a sign that another person’s hopes and dreams for you will be unlikely to actually happen. If the cow has a star on its forehead, it means that you will have a guest, who you’ve anticipated for a long time.

If you’ve lost a cow, dreaming of this search is a sign that you are struggling with your children, who may be asserting their independence. If your cow has a calf, this is bad luck if you’re a man, and predicts a difficult labour if you’re a woman.

If you are a man, dreaming of a cow indicates a woman who is not pleasant to be with, or who is stupid. Dreaming of a milkmaid is a sign that a woman you like will become hostile towards you. If a woman dreams of a cow, it’s a sign that she is feeling used by others.

For a man, dreaming of a sizeable bull can be a sign of sexual desire. For women, this is a sign that they have become hostile towards their partner. Remember that dreaming of a cow can always mean that your situation may improve.







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