Crab Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream where a crab was present may be different. This may be your defense or vulnerability. It can also be a sign of loss of control over the situation.

Dreaming of a crab can also be an indication of fear or inner emotions causing tension, especially within the abdomen. The person dreaming this dream may be afraid due to guilt or of sensual pleasure. This dream can also be an indication of the personality trait where the dreamer has a hard exterior but possesses inner softness.

A crab that threatens others is a sign that the dreamer wants to inflict pain on others. It may also indicate wishing to keep hold of things, mainly holding onto things for too long, or chat causes pain either to the dreamer or others. The claws of the crab can indicate clinginess in the relationship, or a desire to hold onto something.

In the book, Dreams and Nightmares, Hadfield (1954) give the idea that spiders, crabs, and vampires in dreams are a projection of a person’s feelings experienced through orgasm. Dreaming of a crab is indicative of the visceral and abdominal muscle spasms that cause the body to grip. The spread legs and soft abdomen of the crab show the relaxation induced by orgasm.

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If the crab nips you, it’s a sign of pain (either psychosomatic or physical), or perhaps worse, that is the result of the dreamer being overly tight or self-protective.

If you dreamed of a crab that moves slowly along the shore, awaiting communication with a sluggish person awaits. This person with his stubbornness and inhibition will irritate and bring a lot of trouble. Such acquaintance will negatively affect the whole life.

Live crab of enormous size, thrown ashore by the sea wave, personifies the slow progress of affairs in the new element. Soon you will receive a tempting offer with good prospects in an unfamiliar area, but you should not agree to it. Since the lack of experience will slow down the whole process and will not bring positive results.

To see a live crab in a dream is a sign of happy emotions. Inappropriate situations will make you smile and have a good time. A dead arthropod shows the end of an unsuccessful project with a good result. Unexpectedly for you, everything will turn out all right. The same is promised by a dream where you caught a huge crab.

A dream, where you catch crabs, portends a difficult time in a romantic relationship. You will have to keep up with the second half. The best thing is not to show irritability, but to seek a compromise. Also, this dream can express discontent of the environment by your excessive shyness. Try to overcome this quality in yourself, to communicate freely and openly with people.

crab dream meaning, dream about crab,crab dream interpretation, seeing in a dream crab

Arthropods, from which you prepared a dish in a dream, predicts a period of misunderstandings and minor quarrels with your loved one. External factors will adversely affect your relationship. But in the end, you will overcome the stubbornness and discontent of the second half. If you ate with your favorite cooked food, there is a final break of relations ahead.

When in a dream you bite off a claw of a crab, this dream warns about the betrayal of a close friend. A person you have long trusted will take advantage of your secrets for your benefit. It will bring moral devastation and trouble in reality. Do not worry too much, both joy and sadness in this life are temporary.

A dream in which a crab is nibbling one of the people close to you tells us about the great danger to this person. This person enemies activate their actions and will not stop until they fulfill their plans.

If you eat a crab in a company of rich people, you should expect big trouble. To remedy the situation, you will have to force yourself to work and get the support of friends.

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