Cross Dream Meaning

If you dream about the cross (as in the cross of Christ), then it means that you are restless with worry. Cross dream meaning that your life journey has been arduous and has caused you to be anxious and worried. Try to control yourself: behind the dark stripe in life always comes bright stripe.

If the cross is around your neck, then it might mean that you are willing to overlook the insults and offense that others have caused you, putting aside your differences to get along with others.

Many think that a cross can be a sign of trouble, but it’s much more pleasant to view it as a symbol of love and protection. So, a cross should be considered to be something that is positive and favorable. Wear your cross everywhere and don’t remove it.

Crosses can be made of different things, such as gold, silver, wood or pure metal. This is significant in determining the interpretation of the dream. For example, a gold cross means that you will find intense joy and positivity in life.

If you dream about a silver cross, it is a sign of hope. It symbolizes your capability of hoping for the best and avoiding depression.

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If you dream about a wooden cross, you will be successful in both your public and personal lives. You’ll become cheerful and develop a strong sense of confidence. Even so, some interpretations of this dream are negative.

If you dream of the cross being worn by someone else, it means that they will face danger and unhappy fortune.

If you lose your cross, it means that you are in threat of danger. If the reality of your dream wakes you up and you keep searching for the cross and then find it, this means that you need to be wary in your business dealings and pay close attention to those you love.

If you dream about a pectoral cross, this is a good thing. Even if you face danger, the cross is a warning to you about this. Dreaming of a metal cross is a sign that you need to exercise patience to put up with the troubles in your life. A dream like this one is to help you develop patience and hope. You need to be careful not to lose your pectoral cross – either in your dream or real life. If you lose your cross, it means that you have lost your defenses in real life. Always wear your cross, but keep it hidden. This will help you to remain confident in life.

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