Crown Dream Meaning

The meaning of a dream, where there is a crown can be different. It depends on the appearance of the crown. Such a dream can mean a favorable attitude of the stars. Or have the opposite value.

If you see a golden crown in a dream, it means a favorable attitude of high-ranking individuals, on which your future depends. The symbol of royalty protects you from envy and trouble. Also, this dream reflects respect and recognition from others. It promises to profit in all matters, whether it is a trial or a request for an increase.

When you get a crown on your head, you should pay attention to your actions in real life; maybe your activities are accompanied by stupidity and self-confidence. The top on someone else’s head portends to you a small victory in life.

Dream, in which the crown is decorated with pearls, promises respect and fame. The situation in society and the career will become even stronger and will bear fruit.

A dream with a crown for a woman predicts an imminent wedding. It is probable that she will have to associate her fate with a respected person who occupies a special place in society and has a high income.

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The crown, decorated with flowers, speaks of an imminent joyous event.

To see in a dream a crown on a stand foretells to a great test in reality. Perhaps you will have to work hard to resist the temptations of life.

If you dream a silver crown, then you will receive an unexpected gift.

The dream in which you are wearing a fake crown reflects the surrounding hypocrisy. In reality, you should expect to be defeated in your life and be extremely careful in making decisions.

Seeing your coronation in a dream is a good sign. A wise and prudent life awaits you. It will bring happiness and peace to the family.

The paper crown promises ridicule and mockery. Your attempt to be at the center of events will fail. Do not climb on the blaze and try to attract attention to yourself.

Seeing another person with a crown on his head is a dream that says about recognizing others and themselves in the eyes. Soon, your desire to receive praise for your work will come true. People will notice and acknowledge your merit.

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