Cry Dream Meaning

If you dream that you can’t stop crying, then it means that you feel sad and helpless. It is probable that you haven’t yet searched yourself deeply enough to find the source of your feeling. The dream is an indication that you need to deal with your problems rather than allowing them to build on the inside.

If you have been able to stop crying in your dream, or you only cried a little, then this is a good indication that you know how to manage your emotions well.

If you dream of someone else who is crying, who they are is significant. If you don’t know who it was, it might mean that you want to be a comforter to others. You may have a desire to engage in volunteer work, but don’t know where to start. If you know who it is, and it is a loved one, it means that they are having a hard time and you want to help. If it is someone you dislike, you want to cause them emotional pain. If you successfully comforted them in the dream, then this can be something positive, even if you didn’t know them, or if you disliked them.

If you managed to work out why you were crying, this could help with interpreting the meaning of your dream. If the source of your emotional pain was meaningful or had significance in your life, then in real life, you are very concerned about a serious matter in your life.

If the topic of your sadness was trivial, then it means that you are keeping your emotions hidden and allowing them to build up. You need to be able to express your sorrow to others so that it doesn’t build up and end in tears.

If you dreamt of an object or creature crying, it means that you see no value in your emotions. You have become frustrated because all expressed feelings are quickly down-played and you are made to feel as if they are invalid.

If you dream about obviously fake tears, then it may be that you have been too emotional of late. Despite whether you have been expressing happiness or sadness, you have been portraying an emotional experience that is false, and you are not experiencing the emotion as you have indicated.

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