Crystal - dream meaning

crystal dream meaningThe crystal is a representation of your human core. It can also be a sign of your unchanging point of view or feeling, rigid opinions, and habits.

Any type of crystal is usually a sign of the Self. This refers to both the conscious and unconscious parts of your memories and functions. If the crystal is very beautiful and clear, it is a sign of the most valuable part of your being – your pure consciousness that is separate from your own thoughts and feelings.

Something to note about dreams is that they reveal everything about you – even on the inside – and project it externally. In this way, the crystal can be a symbol of what is happening inside of you. Crystals, regardless of the type of crystal, always form the same kind of structure when crystallised, so a crystal may be a representation of something in our lives that is unchanging. This is the part of ourselves that remains true. It is our Core Self.

A crystal is beautifully shaped and structured from an inner energy. It’s invisible, but you can see evidence of it in the symmetry of the crystal. This can represent who you are at your core, showing the part of you that helps to form who you are. Dr Marie-Louise von Franz writes in Jung’s book Man and His Symbols, explains, “The mathematically precise arrangement of a crystal evokes in us the intuitive feeling that even in so-called ‘dead’ matter there is a spiritual ordering principle at work. Thus the crystal often symbolically stands for the union of extreme opposites – of matter and spirit.” The internal energy here may be displayed outwardly in your dreams, or it may draw focus to your personal talent and gifts.

A crystal could also be a sign that you have realised something, or something has become “crystal clear”.

If you dream about glasses or chandeliers made from cut crystal, this is a sign of class and refinement, and it could also be a sign of realisation, as mentioned earlier. Crystal glasses could also have a negative connotation, in that it could be a sign of the influence of alcohol over your life.

If you dream about a crystal ball, this is a sign of enlightenment, or a realisation about the future – whether it be intuition, or simply your own dreams and future plans. The shape of the crystal ball can be a sign of the Self, of a feeling of wholeness. It may be a sign that you are able to recognise symbols of creative imagery. It can also be indicative of your internal emotions, love, passion and dreams – your skill in analysing your soul deeply. Take a look at the following example:

A gorgeous friend of mine gazes into the crystal. The crystal isn’t made from glass, but it looks to be a vast image of the mind that becomes visible in the room. It is hanging in the middle, and measures about 8 feet. My friend explains that I am already touching something that has begun to occur. My life will soon be a big part of it. I will have my role, but I will not be the main instigator. I will be satisfied and enjoy the role I have in this.

This kind of delving deep can also reveal the darkest things – things brought about by fears you have had in the past, certain traumas, and memories of things you’d rather forget. It can also reveal to you that of which you are already aware in your heart.







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