Cup Dream Meaning

Paired sets of dishes personify concern with personal relationships. Perhaps in reality, with a partner, everything is not as simple as we would like. A cup with saucer points to the experiences for the two of you. The whole service shows your anxiety for the whole family.
Unusually elegant and beautiful cup with a saucer presages harmony and coziness in a relationship. Personal life will please and will give an impetus to the development of horizons and talents.

A white cup promises reconciliation with an expensive man. The reason for the quarrel was clearly not significant. Take the chance to restore a good relationship.
A cup without a handle advises keeping emotions under control. Excessive temper and impulsiveness will not bring anything good. Think carefully about every action and word.
If you dreamed of drinking wine from tea utensils, you will be able to combine business with pleasure. You can solve all the issues in a friendly atmosphere.

Dream about the coffee cup recommends not to hide from your own opinion. It is possible to gain respect in a new collective, only relying on the ability to fearlessly defend one’s interests.
A dirty and unpleasant cup speaks of a discord in family life. The source of all problems is to be found in domestic difficulties. Removing the mess from the house, you will sweep the rub and from the relationship.
When in your dreams you are desperately trying to wash the cup, this is a sign of wasting time and spiritual strength. Relationships for which you so cling awake have no future.

Interpretation also depends on the material from which the cup is made. So, the porcelain cup portends wealth and prosperity in life. And this applies not only to its material side, but also spiritual. Glass shows self-confidence. A teacup made of clay tells of your ability to turn even the most modest things into enviable ones. Having very little, you can perfectly dispose of this and turn into an undeniable dignity.

You should also pay attention to the contents of the cup in a dream. Water embodies your ability to fill a void. This is a good quality, both for home interior and emotional impulses. Tea recommends not to relax before the time. If you really think that the victory is already in your hands, it’s time to be worried and to double-check everything. Coffee talks about the dreaminess and activity of your nature. By setting yourself a goal, you are immediately actively looking for a way to achieve it.
A broken mug warns that happiness in your life is just as fragile. Inability to take advantage of promising offers of life can lead to parting with a loved one and quarrels with relatives.

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