The cabbage seen in a dream may have a different meaning. Basically, such a dream has a positive interpretation. However, there are other exegesis, depending on the details of your dream.

The dream of cabbage sprouts, planted on beds, tell of luck in life. You are waiting for a period of joy and happiness. The cases for which you take chances will necessarily bring the desired result.

If you had a dream about how a hurricane destroyed your crops, it promises difficulties and troubles in the workplace. It will have a particularly negative impact on business negotiations and contracts. If possible, postpone working meetings for another period.

The dream, in which you plant cabbage in the ground, predicts unexpected finds and pleasant surprises. On the contrary, the dream in which you harvest the plant anticipates the completion of the family shortly.

If you had a dream in which you saw the head of cabbage, you should pay attention to your behavior. Insignificant character traits can cause a significant loss of life. Transfiguration and extravagance threaten can devastate your wallet and harm current affairs.

The opposite meaning has a dream, in which the cabbage was white. You can count on additional income and financial success.

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The dream of fresh cabbage signals a betrayal of a loved one. Pay attention to the behavior of the close or loved one and do not allow the loved person to fool you and do not readily listen to him.

The dream of cabbage topped with salt, speaks of unprecedented success in some part of life. It can mean successful cash operations, additional profits or successful purchases. In any case, a stable financial situation will be a pleasant side of hard work.

The dream of cauliflower marks the end of all difficulties. The difficulties are left behind; it is worth tune into a positive wave and accomplishments. Now you can finish old business and start new businesses.

If you had a dream about cabbage stew, it heralds the beginning of misunderstanding and failure in reality. This dream interpretation will affect not only the sphere of work but also personal relations. Learn to compromise and give in to your loved ones. Communication with others shortly will be given to you more than ever hard.

The dream in which you slice off the cabbage symbolizes that in reality, your child will bring much trouble to your behavior. Take time to talk with him/her heart-to-heart and sort out the mental anguish to avoid big trouble. The dream interpretation can also be related to problems in family relations.

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The dream of buying cabbage promises to observe a strange event. Despite all the unusual circumstances, it will bring joy to someone from your family and leave a trace of warmth in your soul for a long time.

The dream in which you eat cabbage predicts happy events in reality. Perhaps it will be a present from a close person or an unexpected visit from long-awaited relatives. In any case, without pleasant memories, you will not remain.

If you had a dream about cabbage with pies, it says about the coming break in monotonous work and well-deserved rest. You can postpone business and pay attention to your desires.

The dream of an aloof cabbage tells that it is necessary to take care of your health with attention and care. Otherwise, you risk severe chills with unpleasant complications.

The dream about a field of cabbage, calls to leave doubts and long reflections. It’s time for decisive action.

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