A dream where there is a cake meaning an upcoming holiday. You might have this dream the night before something important. When you see it’s something significant to you personally, dreaming of cake is an indication of future success, and you’ll be there for the celebratory feast.

If the cake in your dream is on a bare table, you will receive an unexpected visit, and your visitors will come bearing good news. However, if the meal has been adequately served, it means that your guests will be someone you have missed much.

Dream in which you have blown out the candles, and all of them blew out, it’s a sign of impending trouble that you will be able to overcome. If even one of the candles remains burning, you will be the insignificant problem, and you shouldn’t deal with it lightly.

If you are going to become married, dreaming of a cake indicates that you are doubtful of your partner. But that there is no reason for your doubt. The value of this dream is the same for both men and women.

The color of the cream, if there is any on your cake, is significant. White cream is a sign of success in the future. If the cream is pink or chocolate in color, you will have the pleasant interaction with some new people. It might be a romantic meeting or an excellent communication in the family. Negative colors include blue (imminent quarrel), yellow (separation), and green (grieving). Black indicates that you will encounter disease. If the colors are mixed, it means nothing significant.

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A dream in which you are find yourself baking a cake, someone is likely to invite you to a delicious feast.

According to the book Eastern Dream, if you see a giant and gorgeous-looking cake in your dream, you’ll be satisfied with a future work or personal outcome. A cake is typically a sign of impending positive change.

If someone else bakes you a cake in a dream, it’s a sign that whatever you are currently doing might bring trouble or ill fortune. However, if you eat some and it tastes right, you will have good luck or find true love. If you are a young girl, this dream means that you will split from your lover.

You may also have a dream about cake if you’re excited about a party that you’ve been waiting for a while.

If the cake you dream of has candles, someone close to you is about to have an anniversary. It could also mean a severe illness in your future – either yours or someone else’s. The number of candles is indicative of the severity of the disease.

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