About the happenings in your life during this year in general

The start of the year will be quite emotional as a lot of emotional loads will need to be handled within the first two months that is during January and February. The main factor that will lead to this is a strange interplay between the career, personal life, and finances. It is likely that this had ‘deeper roots’ going back into the past. This year will be the one in which the things will be straightened out, however.

This middle of the year will bring increased awareness and interest in the future especially when the professional life is concerned. During June, significant plans will be made in regards to future professional commitments, and it is possible that a legal document will be signed that will deal with the career and the professional life in general.

About your professional life

The tumultuous first two months of the year will leave you preoccupied with the above said emotional issues. This will go little energy for any severe advancement of the affairs in the professional life. Fortunately, the first two months of this year will pass quickly after which you will have more energy to dedicate yourself to the happenings in your professional life.

During mid-April new development in the professional life is possible by way of introduction to another person. This person will help you with the professional experience but not in a direct way. More likely, it will be the case of them showing you the road in a sense.

The start of the autumn will bring a significant but a rather short-term success which will be related to short terms investments.  The whole investment cycle will start and end rather quickly. I might make the case that you will cash in by the end of this year that is only after a few months of investing.

About your personal life

The somewhat emotional first two months of this year that were mentioned above are related to the Moon which is the ruling celestial body in the case of Cancer. Right from the start of March, the Moon takes a position which more conducive to positive developments in the personal life. In private life, the location of the Moon is related to a new acquaintance who might show a romantic interest in you. Given the cautious Cancerian nature, the relationship will take time to develop itself. Given the amount of time that the Moon stays in a favorable position, the other side in this relationship will be quite patient and possibly even very persistent in their approach. The month of June will be the make or break time for this relationship. Firm decisions will need to be taken by both sides and this will not be easy but will happen nevertheless.

When the sexual life is concerned, the month of July will be your month. In other words, things in the sexual life will hasten up as the Mars influence will be even higher.

About your health

Due to the strong influence of the Moon in the middle of the year, the health levels will be quite useful. Furthermore, the Moon will stay in a favorable position for an unusually long time which means that its positive effects on the health will be felt for a long time and indeed well into 2019.

The energy levels will be quite high also, and they will be additionally boosted by the Martian influence during July. It can be said that you will get an energy boost right when it will be most needed, during the midterm of the year.

The autumn will bring more variable energy levels by for the most part you will feel very healthy as the Moon influence will remain strong.