The candle is a significant representation of hope, memory, security, peace, and secrets. In certain situations, it can allude to romance, supernatural occurrence, or mystery. Candles are also known for providing a sign of security, as they are responsible for lighting the area surrounding them. Candle dream meaning depends on of the type of background behind the torch and who is holding it. All of these things make it possible to read the meaning of your candle dream correctly.

If you dream of a burning candle, you are likely to reconnect with someone who you haven’t seen in a while. It may also represent the possibility of new appointments and positive opportunities. If you dream of a few burning candles together, which have massive, bright flames, this is a sign of mutual understanding and contentment. Bright, even light is a sign that you will reconnect with old friends shortly. It may be that someone returns from an overseas trip, or you will receive a visit from interstate friends.

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Glowing candles represent happiness in your future. Dreaming of a candle in the hands of a dead person means that you will have peace of mind. Dreaming of a candle that is surrounded by others, all of which are burning at the same brightness, says that your life will be pleasant and free of worry. Your home will be full of mutual respect and understanding, and you will be consumed with happiness.

Dreaming that you are blowing out a candle is a sure sign of disappointment. If the candle is blown out by the wind instead, it means that bizarre rumors about you will surface.

Dreaming of a candle lighting up a window at night, it represents your guardian angel, that will allow you to manage your problems and complexities of life quickly. You may be completely unaware of this, but it watches over you.

If your dream entails having to use your hands to keep the flame from burning out, this is a representation of your goals in life. If you have successfully prevented the fire from going out, it means that you will be successful in your goals. If the flame goes out anyway, you will instead face disappointment and sadness and may not reach your goal.

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