Candy dream meaning is very diverse. This may be the sweetness of victories and the bitterness of defeat. We need to remember what these candies were and what you did with them in your dream.

Dreaming about sweets that are wrapped nicely, but taste bitter, means that you will meet a beautiful woman, who is wicked. The relationship will fail, and disappointment will ensue.

If you dream of enjoying chocolate, it is a sign that you have a healthy sense of wellbeing. If you make sweets in your dream, it means that your welfare will become significantly better because of your integrity, effort, and persistence.

If you dream that you only looked at the sweets, but didn’t eat them, then there is hope for you to win over someone unique, even if they haven’t previously reciprocated your feelings.

If you are a man, and you dream of being given many boxes of chocolates as a gift, it means that a woman of middle age will harass you. You’ll have a hard time getting away from this woman because your future career prospects will be dependent on this.

Dreaming of sweets can mean both good and bad consequences. It is essential to look at all parts of the dream when working out what it means.

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If you dream of a child holding some sweets, it means that it will become necessary to spy on your husband in case of betrayal. If you dream that someone has given you an expensive box of chocolates, it means that you will have good luck and wealth.

If you are a good-looking woman, this type of dream can mean that you will meet a man who is likely to harass you. You should stay away from any new acquaintances for a few weeks so that you do not damage your reputation.

If you are a man who dreams of gifting someone a box of chocolates, it signifies an impending proposal that will be rejected. You will become depressed.

If you dream of sour sweets, it means that you will become a victim of stress or sickness. If the desserts taste right, it means that you will find a new love. If your sweets taste like honey, you will die quickly.

If your sweets are sweet, but one of them is bitter, it means that your friends will betray you. If your candies contain pepper, your friends will play a prank on you, which will have adverse results and possibly cause someone to become a victim.

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