The dream of a castle can have a different meaning. It depends on the details of your dream. And can touch any part of your life. The most popular interpretations are described below.

Dreaming about a castle is a sign of your view on a situation where you feel the most powerful. Or in which you believe yourself to have influence. You think that either you or others are too powerful to be able to lose. And you feel that you will get your way, you are most listened to. Or that you are in complete control. You are so full of your importance that you miss important points. Maybe, that you don’t think you need to listen to the ideas or concerns of others.

A dream about a castle may be symbolic of high achievement, a level of strength or being widely recognized. You have a view of yourself that you are the most critical person in your circumstance, or that you are the primary focus of people’s attention.

Dreams about a castle may be symbolic of a more profound feeling that you cannot submit or be passive because you are too powerful. You may be fighting against an attack, criticism, or control. You are entirely confident of your place as a definite winner.

On the other hand, a castle may be a sign that you are arrogant, accepting nothing but the best of the best. You may be exercising exploitation of power or control. Or you have become corrupt with power. You feel that either you or others are too important to listen to others. And you take all the attention, and demand superior treatment from others. You have a conceited view of yourself that you are just perfect. Still you look down your nose at others.

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In this way, a castle can be symbolic of the fact that you are naively convinced of your power or resourcefulness. You are overly defensive, and have isolated yourself because of your ability, or that you have become excessively introverted. You have substantial internal barriers and are anxious about another person requiring respect. You’re afraid of offending a customer.

Example 1: A woman had a dream about being inside a castle. In real life, the woman was in the hospital recovering and had a sense of being treated like royalty during her recovery.

Example 2: A man had a dream about being in a castle belonging to another person. In real life, he felt annoyance because individual members of his family were overly controlling in his life.

Example 3: A young girl had a dream about following a friend out of the castle. In real life, she had realized her introversion and the fact that she had become defensive. Her friend had helped her to lower her defenses.

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