You really don’t want to see a cat in your dream – they are a negative meaning for your personal life. A cat in a dream is a symbol of personal misfortune. But if you are able to chase the cat away, you will miss any trouble.

A cat might mean deception. It is a warning to remain skeptical of people. Always consider offers made to you by considering every possible angle. Being too trusting and naïve might cause you to be hurt, or to suffer loss.

If the cat attacks you in your dream, you are going to have lots of enemies in the near future. Be careful about your words and actions, and stick to your moral values to avoid making extra enemies. Some enemies don’t react based on your wrong actions, though, and they become jealous because of the good things in your life. Don’t let this deter you. If you chase the cat away, you’ll solve this issue and your reputation will not be damaged.

Skinny, malnourished and dirty cats with matted fur might be an indication of health problems. If you see this in your dream, be careful with your health, and also keep an eye on the health of your loved ones. Any slight worry should prompt a visit to the doctor. Again, if you chased the cat away, you’ll be fine.

When a female holds a cat or kitten in her dream, this is also a bad thing. It’s a sign that she’ll engage in something bad. Keep a watchful eye before accepting any offers. Proceed with caution when dealing with acquaintances, as there will be problems – perhaps even trouble with the law.

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Even a white cat is a bad sign in a dream. It is a sign of an unusual problem. Your life will become confusing and badly damaged. Your best friend will most likely betray you. Black cats are also bad, but they are symbolic of a woman’s unfaithfulness.

Cats were highly valued animals like hunters and guards harvesting from rodents. According to the beliefs, cats could pass from our world into the other world to communicate with the souls of the deceased. At the same time, there is a myth that cats can bring prosperity and tranquillity into the house, protection from evil spirits and keeps good energy in the home. This symbol of peace and freedom is always associated with a carefree, gracious, graceful and pleasant caress.

When a woman sees a cat in a dream, this is often a reflection of her own ego. Strength, passion, independence, ability to make decisions and women’s sexuality, this all can be considered in a dream. The dreamer has to take a closer look at the behavior of the cat and its own attitude towards it: the more graceful the cat is and the more pleasant the feeling, the more femininity there is in life. If in a dream you negatively treat a cat, then, most likely, in life you are afraid to show a woman’s beginning and independence.

cat dream meaning, dream about cat, cat dream interpretation, seeing in a dream cat

Also, the cat is a symbol of longevity and rebirth. A dream, in which this animal is present, may conceal a hidden desire to fill your life with a great sense, to taste all the joys and live all nine feline lives at once.
To dream of a pregnant cat promises you intrigues and gossip around. You need to look carefully at your environment, the culprit may be the one you suspect the last.
If you dreamed of a black cat, then in life you will overcome old grievances and muffled complexes. Perhaps next to you, there is a person who adds fuel to the fire. Another black cat is a symbol of everything new, and after such a dream, you will get a new pet, or our pet at home will bring a litter.

If you dream about a dead cat of your partner in life, then this cautions you about the dangers of these relationships. Best of all, finish them before it is too late. If in a dream a loved one kills a cat on your hands, then he wants to part with you.
An animal that emits a spirit on the threshold will protect you from great evil and bring happiness and stability in the house.

A box with a dead cat is a warning about the worst enemy, which is carefully prepared to harm you.
If you dream about a dead cat, which began to decay, then the roots of all life’s problems should be looked for in the old life situations and in the unfinished quarrels.

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