A dream about a caterpillar always reveal something about the future, but you need to know how to view the content of the dream to understand what it means. Caterpillars are not a good thing to see in a dream. They usually represent deceit, betrayal, gossip, a possible nuisance or terrible acts of envy.

If you happen to crush a caterpillar, this has a definite meaning. It means that you will conquer your enemies.

A caterpillar is not a sure sign of terrible things happening in your future. It can be interpreted to mean rebirth, changes for success, and meeting new people. Sometimes, it might refer to being betrayed by friends or being internally conflicted. If you dream that caterpillars have invaded and destroyed your garden, it can be a sign that someone in your circle of friends is only posing as a good friend, and will betray you.

Dream about caterpillars fall on you, it’s a sign that you are failing because of your selfishness. If the caterpillar undergoes metamorphosis, you can expect new opportunities, but that you need to be wary. If you crush the caterpillar, it shows disappointment because you have been betrayed by someone close to you.

caterpillar dream meaning

Dreaming of a caterpillar is a sign that you will meet with people who are not pleasant or reliable. According to Veles Dream Book, the caterpillar I a sign of betrayal of a friendship; catching a caterpillar signifies a bad marriage; and crushing a caterpillar is a sign of good fortune.

Freud’s interpretation of the caterpillar dream is that you will meet someone of the opposite sex, but that they will continue to be unappreciated by you. This will result in you having a cold attitude towards them, and you will eventually regret your behavior and be unable to resolve the problem.

In the 21st Century, dreaming of many caterpillars signifies damage and loss, but if you are a woman, a caterpillar is a sign of pregnancy in your future.

There are many interpretations of dreams about caterpillars.
As a general rule, the caterpillar is a bad sign, but it should not cause concern, as it also offers the chance to resolve adverse situations.

Having a dream about a caterpillar means that it’s time to rethink your relationships with others. Improving your relations might be just what you need to restore harmony in your life.

The caterpillar signifies an increased chance of improving and developing your spirituality. The French dream book takes the caterpillar to mean love in your future; if you are covered in caterpillars, your enviers will become hostile, and you’ll experience loss.

According to the Dream interpretation of Medea, the caterpillar means that you should prepare for a struggle to achieve your goals and problems such as illness. Lots of caterpillars is a sign of significant loss and plotting by your enemies. According to the Dream interpretation of Miller, a caterpillar signifies that you will meet terrible hypocrites.

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