Cell Phone Dream Meaning signifies of psychological or emotional closeness. You are having feelings of needing something urgently. It may indicate feelings you are trying to avoid losing, or that you think are necessary to have. This kind of dream may also show that you want specific access or connections to people or resources. It might be to do with things you want in your possession, something you want to do, or just something that occupies your thoughts frequently.

If you dream of talking on your cell phone, you are focused on things that are close to your heart. Something is occupying a lot of your thoughts, or you are bent on getting something to happen. It may also be a sign of emotional urgency. You might be unable to function without something essential.

Dreaming of a losing a phone is a sign of being emotionally disconnected from something you deem important. It might be something keeping you from expressing your true feelings. Losing phone is a dream can also indicate that you feel uncertain about your future.

If you can’t get someone on the phone, you might be feeling separated from them. You might be feeling separated from someone or something from which you draw emotional support.

cell-phone dream meaning

If you dream about a cracked phone screen, it is a sign that a connection in real life has been broken or lost. It is a feeling of a friendship that can’t be restored, and with conflicts that can’t be resolved. You feel like you have been cut off, or that an adverse feeling is now clouding something you have previously found easy. You might be finding it hard to let someone go because you are not coping well when they are not around.

If you hear a cell phone ringing in your dream, it means a certain person is trying to come into your life. Check if the person is a known or unknown person. But, if such a person is calling you, he is a person that you know then it means that you will be connected to your destiny helper.

But if the person, who is calling you, is bad or unknown, it represents that a stranger is planning to visit you.  Another meaning that there is an issue you need to address that you have been avoiding for an awhile.

If you are dreaming about calling the wrong number, this reveals that you are making costly mistakes and errors in life.

If you have a dream about finding a lost phone, then it is an indication that you are open-minded and willing to accept other options and viewpoints.

Dream About Cell Phone Related Items

Dream about cell phone battery relates to the wishes and desires that you have in your real life.  If the battery is low, it suggests that you need to rekindle some of your existing connections, or you will probably lose them for a long time.

Dreaming about a cell phone charger relates to something that you need to work in yourself, any traits of character or behavior. Consider finding the time to refuel and improve yourself, so that you can bring more values to others around you.

To dream of a cell phone number suggests that you want to have a connection with specific person in real life. The dream suggests that you are beginning to understand what this person does and why.

Dreaming of a cell phone cover or case symbolizes your focus on issues on the surface. However, these surface issues protect the real issues. Consider figuring out what others are saying, to really find out what they desire in the core. Look past the surface communications to help you reach the inner thoughts, feelings of others.

To dream about cell phone apps suggests that you are spending a lot of time and have a strong interest in making something happen. However, you are taking actions so that you will be able to accomplish your goals more easily in the future. However, be careful about thinking too much and not taking actions, they might end up being idle thoughts that end up taking out blank spaces without being accomplished.

If you dream about slow cell phone data, this dream suggests that you are experiencing unpleasant events. Perhaps you feel that you had special treatments or privileged before, and the dream is reflecting that you have somehow lost that privilege.

If you dream about sending or receiving texts suggests that you are putting off your urgent feelings. You are giving other people time to think about your requests.

If you dream about cell phone bills or fees, such a dream signifies that your real life requires financial resources. Perhaps your friends are asking you out to expensive events that you are hesitating to attend because of costs associated with the social gathering.

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