A cheese in a dream meaning you are happy with your love life. The cheese is something that you know most people enjoy. It goes great with wine and crackers and makes for a delicious, and slightly classy, snack. Having some delightful cheese in your dream is an excellent indication that you are happy and fulfilled in life. It may also be a suggestion that you need to go back to your roots – back to simplicity, to be in your best emotional condition.

If you dream of a mouse or rodent is eating the cheese, it might mean that your life is not as it seems. The sneakiness of vermin or mice can indicate that someone close to you is deceiving you.

Dreaming of cheese being made, either when you or someone else makes it, is a sign that you have an inflated opinion of either yourself or another person. It’s an indication that you think you can create happiness, so it shows that you are far too conceited for your good.

Dreaming of-of ripe, strong-smelling or moldy cheese is a sign of being socially awkward. If you imagine that the cheese is only mild, or processed, then it means that you need a change. Dreaming of expensive, luxurious or sharp-tasting cheese is a sign of success.

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Dreams about cheese can be different from one to the next, based on the minor aspects of the dream. If you dream of soft cheese (e.g., Brie, etc.), it may mean that you want to gain dominance in a particular circumstance. It might also indicate instability of a relationship. A lump of cheese is a sign of power and influence. It may be a reference to your ability to lead, a.k.a. “the big cheese.”

If you dream of macaroni cheese, you are thinking about your childhood. Dreaming about cheese and cracker packs or grilled cheese sandwiches might be the same kind of thing. It is a warning that you need to go back to the simple things in your life.

If you dream of using cheese in your cooking, you might succumb to a gambling problem and lose money. If you dream of Stilton, it’s a warning that you need to be wary of how you portray your views and opinions to others. Dry cheese means you need to take it easy.

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