If you have dreamt of a child, it may be a sign that you are about discover something new about yourself. It may also be a sign that a part of your needs to become mature, or that an aspect of your personality needs love and acceptance.

Dreaming of children may be representative of innocence or naivety, or of desires that you have kept hidden, or that you are trying to achieve.

You might dream of children at a time when you are quite immature. Your dreams may be a sign that you are exhibiting simple ideas or actions. It might mean that you are too dependent on others or that you are afraid of having to care for yourself.

Everything mentioned above may also be relevant when you dream about your offspring, or it could be a sign that you are anxious about your child in real life. It may also be a representation of yourself at the same age. You may have experienced something during the day that resembles something that happened to you as a child, or you may need to learn a lesson from something that occurred in the past, so you don’t repeat the mistakes of your parents.

If you dream of yourself as a child, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your everyday life, and you have a desire for another person to take care of you. It may be a sign that you are inexperienced or naïve about some part of your life. Otherwise, it could be a memory that has been awakened by something that happened to you during the day, or you may have been acting with immaturity.

If you dream that a child has died, it might be a symbol of growing older and more mature; the childish part of you has died and isn’t required, or you may have adapted your thinking away from something you believed as a child.

You might have seen childlike attributes in your significant other. As an adult, your partner may be exhibiting jealousy, anger, dependency or helplessness, and if you have left them, you may have seen them have irrational outbursts or another unwarranted behavior that is rarely seen or accepted in adults. You may also be experiencing sex that has not matured past a childlike stage, where the two people involved are not sharing it equally.

Sometimes dreaming of a child is a sign of the marriage, or what has been made through marriage. If you hit a child in your dream, it may be that you had attempted to suppress the desires that you were taught to keep at bay when you were a child.

Dreaming of a beautiful and healthy child in the house is a symbol of good luck in your career. Whatever path you choose, you will undoubtedly achieve success on it. Believe in yourself and do not go anywhere.

A kid sitting in a wheelchair predicts a lot of tedious and painful things.

Children of different ages running around you in a dream will bring an increase in material well-being. The closer you feel to kinship with them, the stronger will be the financial success.
Frustration and sadness are promised by a small child who is crying. Native and close people will give you a lot of troubles and unpleasant emotions. Tune inappropriately, so that it’s easier to move it psychologically.

The baby, just bought from the maternity hospital, reflects an excessive emotionality. Many events cause you to have too visible a manifestation of emotions, which is not always right. Try to curb them, because facts are coming in ahead, which will bring discord into your everyday life.

If you take care of someone else’s naughty child in a dream, in reality, an undeserved resentment awaits. This situation will cause many unpleasant sensations and pity for one’s person. Do not pay too much attention to this.
A sick or dead child represents an increased sense of anxiety and nervousness. It is necessary to appease their experiences and positively look at the world. Remember: you draw into your life what you focus.

If in a dream about a child who is helping you in the household, predicts the favorable dynamics of your career. Having completed the instructions, you can go for promotion in the company.
For a young girl, the dream in which she gave birth to several babies symbolizes the fear of not getting married. In reality, you are afraid of loneliness, and this prevents you from enjoying life. Realize that creating a family requires a robust mutual feeling and not anxiety for the future.

The house, filled with noisy kids, causing you to feel tired, says about the need to change the situation and relax.
A dream, where you shout at a child who is playing, who begins to indulge in more answers, talks about the moral exhaustion of the body. You burned out, spending all your energy to work. Change the scope of activities, try to plunge into another element.
A peacefully sleeping child in a dream is a sign that you should leave everything in its place. You do not need to change your destiny radically.

If in the dream the child plays noisily, causing affection, in real life, you have no entertainment. Have a break and take time for joy for yourself.

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