Dreaming about Christians is a sign that you have an obsession to avoid wrongdoing in certain parts of your character. It could be that you are overly aware of not doing wrong, or not being seen to be doing wrong.

You may dream of Christians if you are regretful of having made poor choices or mistakes. You may feel that you need to make amends for the wrong you have done in the past, and religion is one way you can think of to do this. You may be ‘beating yourself up’ for your poor choice.

You may be frightened of doing the wrong thing, or of taking risks. Dreaming of Christians may be your subconscious telling you to play it safe. It is not necessarily something to take notice of, though. A particular fear or wrongdoing is healthy, but you should not be afraid of making unplanned mistakes.

Your dream may be a reflection of a circumstance or person that makes you jealous because you never see them do anything wrong. It may be a sign that you also wish that you were perfect, or close to God.

Dreaming of Christians may show arrogance in thinking your choice is the only acceptable choice. It may be a sign that in real life, you consider yourself to be ‘holy’ and therefore associate well with the Christian faith. You may believe yourself to have ideas that must be followed.

Dreaming of Christianity is a reflection of your own religious experience and personal standpoint. It shows that you are developing your inner self. It may also only be that you are dreaming of a person in your life with the name Christian, or who is a Christian.

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