A dream about cliff most often means your emotions and a sense of your place in the world. This may be a prediction of new opportunities or the collapse of all hopes. It all depends on your feelings while you dream.

A cliff signifies that you are afraid of falling on your own or others’ eyes. You are so scared of falling from power or failing to achieve.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you might feel that you are on edge and in danger. You might be faced with a difficult decision, risk or barrier to something in your life. You may also be afraid of the unknown. It is all dependent on the context of your dream.

Your dream about a cliff may mean that you are on the verge of change, facing danger or an important decision. It can also say that you are taking a risk, causing you to confront your fears.

For example, according to Ingmar Bergman, you might dream that you are falling over a cliff. You know that death awaits if you reach the bottom. Or you hit bottom, and your body becomes a splattered mess. You feel as if you are floating, and instead of feeling ‘dead,’ you feel free.

Often, being at the top of the cliff is an image of a giant space past the spot where you are standing. It may pose a threat to some people. But others think of it as the chance to fly or to be made aware of the vast space that is our universe. And also this is representative of the unknown and is a reminder of how you take on new opportunities in life. It is a sign of the way you connect with the extensive nature of your subconscious.

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The example gives us a picture that the cliff shows a basic overview of one’s life. This also includes death. It signifies an uphill battle in life, and how hindsight can be a source of wisdom. It also shows a person’s ability to trust themselves and face their fears.

Another example could be that you walked to the balcony, not feeling at all like it was a dream. But, when you got there, the entire universe was visible to your eyes and Jupiter did a full circle right there and then. It’s a feeling that couldn’t be put into words.

This example is of someone looking down at the ocean from atop the cliffs. A man stood by his side, who was old but appeared healthy and wise. He pointed towards the water, which indicated that the woman should jump in, so she did. Her body was left behind, and she became one with the ocean. She felt as if she could have been back on the cliff again at any time.

This dream paints a picture that the cliff is the barrier between life and death; it is the line between being afraid of death and enjoying life; between being stuck where you are in life and personality, and being able to release yourself from your body as naked consciousness.

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