Clown dream meaning that you make decisions under the influence of others. Also, this dream points to thoughtless actions, which you will be pressed to regret. Every detail of your sleep with a clown can be important.

If you dream about a clown, this means that you have new friends that will try to lead you astray. If you ignore your conscience, then you will go broke, and possibly become the focus of police attention. Another meaning of the clown dream is that you might choose to ignore your moral stance and embark on a love affair that will shame your reputation. You’ll become regretful of your lack of self-control.

If your dream shows you as a clown, it means that some people who are on your social level will exert dominance over you. They might try to embarrass you publicly, but exercising restraint will help you to keep them at bay.

If you dream about an evil clown, it means that someone close to you is a hypocrite and a coward. They will do something terrible shortly, and you will be left feeling disappointed because they have abused your trust.

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Dreaming of a sad clown is a sign that you do not see your relatives as trustworthy, and you never want their help, even when you need it. This mistrust can cause offense to those you love because they want what’s best for you.

In Miller’s Dream Book, it says that a clown making you laugh and teasing you is a sign that your dreams will become possible due to you finding the right money. You’ll have to work hard to get it, but you’ll wind up with the money you need, as well as relevant experience for your future.  Dreaming of trying on a clown suit is a sign that you are too trusting of people you don’t know, and you tend only to notice their excellent characteristics. This excessive trust will cause people to attempt to mislead you and gain possession of your money, which you have worked hard to get. This dream is also a warning to be wary of promiscuous women, as they will affect your reputation if you have a relationship with them. If you dream of acting like a clown to a large group of people, it means that you will have bad luck in life.

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