Dreaming of a coat is a sign of the person you display in public. For example, if you are shy in most situations, you might still be outgoing when you are with a particular friend or loved one. A coat with pockets can also be an indication of the things we hold inside, such as our abilities, memories and social life. On a basic level, a coat dream meaning of protection for your body, both from the elements and external factors such as dirt or animals.

Dreams about a coat represent emotions that you use to cover your true self. It is related to how formal you choose to be towards others.

If it is an old coat, it may be indicative of the past, or baggage you are carrying from something that has happened in the past. It might be time to consider the time when this jacket has been a part of your life, and what memories it holds.

Being something you wear on the outside, a coat could also be a way of keeping warm or looking respectable, which would depend on the condition of the jacket.

It may also be essential to pay attention to the color of the coat.

If you loan your coat to another person or use it to wrap them up, then it might represent that you are protecting that person, and care deeply about them.

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If you dream about another person’s coat, it is representative of the person who it belongs to. It might be a sign of your true feelings regarding them or the relationship you share with them.

If you dream that you have taken or stolen another person’s coat, it may indicate that you have been taking advantage of an intimate relationship. It may also mean that you don’t have the strength or courage to handle your circumstance by yourself.

An overcoat is often a sign of protectiveness or something that covers what you don’t want to be seen. If you dream that you have gotten under someone’s overcoat, or have placed your hands under it, then this is an indication that you are intensely intimate with them. The coat can also represent your ability to deal with weather and stressful situations.

Dreaming of an overcoat might be an indication that you are keeping your secrets to yourself, and not allowing yourself to be intimate or vulnerable with anyone. It occasionally demonstrates your system of beliefs, whether they be religious or political. It may be your way of reducing anxiety regarding your own decisions and obligations. The coat is indicative of this, as it shows protectiveness against these negative feelings. Sometimes, the overcoat can be representative of someone’s body.

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