Dream where there is coffee can either meaning a quarrel or happiness in marriage. You need to remember the more delicate details. Dreaming of coffee is ultimately an indication of anxiety for your actions. Make sure you do everything you can to prevent being disciplined by those in charge.

If your dream entails the roasting of coffee in a pan, it means that you have to make excuses. Most likely it will be a conversation about your prior romances to your current partner. It’s nothing to worry about though. Just smile and change the subject.

If you are married, and dream of drinking coffee with friends, it means that changes in your family life may have an adverse effect on your marriage.

If you are the one serving the coffee, you need to prepare for some loss that you may find. It may be very difficult for you to survive this period.

Drinking coffee with your close friends is an indication that you will be needed to listen to their problems. A conversation with your partner to postpone for some time.

Drinking coffee alone means that you will have a pleasant conversation with one of your friends. Your relationship will gain a stronger sense of trust.

If you are grinding coffee, this indicates a struggle, unless you can summon your courage and willpower.

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If you are unmarried, coffee is a sign of gossip and slander. So it’s important to take care with what is said, as well as done. Because your enemies are sopport unistically waiting for the right moment to betray you.

When a married woman dreams of coffee drunk from a porcelain cup, this is a bad sign. It means that there will be scandals regarding her husband, and then some common conflict within her family. It can also be a prediction that her relationship may split, and she will find it difficult to rectify the problem.

Another dream book has a different interpretation of dreams. For example, if you dreamed you being the owner of a coffee shop, it may may warned of a painful death.

The dream book of Miller mentions that coffee is an indication of rumors and gossip. From them are difficult to get away from, but there is one way to avoid them. Ignore them, and it will stop them from hurting your feelings or causing your health problems.

The dream book of Hasse states that coffee is an indication of making a new acquaintance. Or having an emotional encounter with a friend. Spilling the coffee in your dream is a warning that failure will come from out of nowhere.

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