Coins can often carry a similar meaning to rings. They are the symbol of the wholeness represented by a circle. Dreaming of a coin may represent something of significance to you, for example, imagining about two gold coins was a symbol for one person of his twin sons.

Dreaming of anything around money could be a sign that you are worried about money, or it might mean impending fortune.

Dirty money may indicate that you are not earning your money honestly. An interpretation of loose money (change) might be that you are about to experience a small difference in your life.

Dreaming of money can also be a sign of energy.  You get paid for your hard work, so coins in the dream, can sometimes represent the energy used in working.

If you hold onto two coins, it might mean that you are holding back something that could be moving forward in your life. The two sides of a coin can represent duality in life. It may be a sign of duality between inner and outer, death and life. These things cannot exist without the other.

If you dream of coins that are used as jewelry, which is common in certain cultures, it may be representative of personal wealth. If you find a piece of jewelry like this, it means that you may find something of value in your own life, such as an ability. This can often be seen in the emergence of new talent, or being able to react to the circumstances in which you find yourself intuitively. This dream can often link to the things in your life that are unseen.

If you dream about money that is made into more modern jewelry, it means that your rich character can be easily seen by others and is in everything you do.

Coins Dream Meaning

Example: I dreamt of being at the top of a hill, digging right-handed, while down on all fours. It wasn’t difficult. I found some coins in the dirt, and they were together, like a necklace, which hung below my bosom. The coins had a gap between them the whole way around, and the chain had two connections that went into a “v” shape down from the coins, connecting with the base of the loop. This line was related to the coins, which hung low.

In this dream, coins (otherwise known as medallions) looked silver, to represent Christianity and its saints and martyrs from long ago. I could tell that this was a bit like a rosary, which is used for prayer. It was different, though, because instead of using Ave Marias, or Our Fathers, this rosary included every saint. It was an extensive prayer guide. It was missing some of the adjoining silver chains, but some had been mended using other materials. It was shaped to represent the cross sign that people use. It gives the correct way – by first touching your eyebrow, then breasts, then towards your crotch. These are where we get our power. Richard.

If you dream that you have dug up some coins, it may be that you have found something important about yourself. Coins also represent energy, so it might serve something you were forced to suppress or ignore, such as a talent, or it could be to do with contained energy or enthusiasm. It might be a sign of a valuable trait that is coming to light from long ago. Sometimes, you will need to clean the coins, which means that you need to resolve something in your life. Your past issues need to be dealt with before you can move on. If you find some coins, it represents discovering something of value and opening up new opportunities. However, it can also mean that you will be faced with something to do with ownership, possessiveness or sharing.

If you dream that you have dropped coins into water, it represents a sacrifice, in much the same way as a wishing well. You are offering the dark life energies to either give thanks or make a wish.

Dreaming of foreign coins can be an indication of something of value, but the energy they represent cannot be harnessed at this time. You will need to consider how to obtain their power.

If you dream that you have made your coins, it could be a sign that you are making something valuable from simple materials.

If in your dream, you place coins into a vending machine, this can be interpreted in the same way as a wishing well. The emphasis is slightly different, though. This focuses on giving to get. Instead of wishes and hopes, it indicates expectation.

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