Crocodiles have significant meaning in our dreams, and it is also one of the most common dreams. If you dream of a crocodile, you should always take note of its size, and what you are doing with it.

A small crocodile in a dream is especially significant, and if you dream about a crocodile which has the small size and unusual color, you should consider it as a warning sign: you need to be more wary of your most trusted loved ones. The fact that the crocodile in your dream was small is a great reason to believe that it is evil everywhere and that people are waiting for you to mess up, or make a mistake. You should be more careful in your selection of friends.

The warning of a small crocodile is that you shouldn’t trust someone who continually needs you for comfort or friendship; they might try to draw you into a trap. Keep important things to yourself, and be careful about sharing them with people, or they might deceive you and use the information for themselves.

Dreaming of a crocodile of any size is a reminder about the sneaky enemies that lurk everywhere all the time. It should also be taken to mean that there is a hostile and threatening power working against you, which may cause you to be involved in an accident. Both large and small crocodiles are an indication of serious trouble in the future. If you kill a crocodile, perhaps you have avoided this trouble.

The crocodile in itself is symbolic of deception. Any dream about a crocodile should be enough to make you wary of your friends and relatives, as one of them is likely to deceive you shortly. This dream could also be a sign that your most dangerous enemies are about to cause trouble for you. Be careful.

If you happen to dream that you are standing on the crocodile’s back, it means that you will be faced with serious trouble, and you will need to deal with these alone. You’ll get what you want if you remain persistent.  Your crocodile dream should prompt you to watch what you say around others so that you are not betrayed unexpectedly.

crocodile dream meaning

Crocodiles can also be symbolic of the different nature of the dreamer. They indicate the contrast between seeking long-term stability in life, and the struggle involved in achieving it, which is sometimes impossible.

Dream of crocodile can be a good sign of adaptability in the dreamer. A person who dreams about crocodiles is likely to be flexible in their personality, making it essential for them to learn to compromise.

Also, a crocodile as a dream symbol represents difficulties and concerns in your life and how you can manage it. If the crocodile is harmless, you should not worry too much about your problems. It is especially true if this is a recurring dream.

A crocodile chasing you in a dream represents freedom of your emotion and your control over it. If you are chasing a crocodile in the dream, your subconscious tells you that you do not feel afraid of problems and obstacles, you can easily drive them out of your life.

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