Crow dream meaning is often seen as being mysterious and magical, and one of the smarted birds. If you dream about the crow, you are either being warned or protected.
That is unless you dream of a white crow, which is a sign of protection against any harm that may come to the dreamer. Don’t worry about anything, it will all be okay.

A dream in which a crow attacks you will bring you unexpected and very unpleasant news. If at the same time if the bird managed to win and take you on the run, expect that intrigues of enemies, that will destroy your personal life. This will lead to parting with an important person in life. When you managed to defend yourself, attacks will pass by, and life will improve.

The crow that bites your face in a dream predicts severe criticism. Even if it’s a very insulting word, try not to get upset. It is better to draw conclusions and eliminate the shortcomings.

The crow that has flown through the window will bring unpleasant guests, which you do not expect at all. The white crow will lead pleasant people into your life and good news.

If you see a crow in your house, in reality, you are too obsessed with your emotions and complexes. This takes away your confidence and does not allow you to fully unleash your potential.

If you dream about a crow that tells you something, it is a warning. Try to remember exactly what the bird told you, it might happen in your life very soon. Another dream meaning is that you will meet a famous person in life. He will help to understand the problems and find the best way out of the situation.

dreaming about crow

The croaking of crows in a dream will call forth misfortunes in reality. The volume of the scream reflects the size of the trouble. Someone from your friends is nasty for you. If you listen to others and act their way, it will bring great sorrow to you and the family. For unmarried men, this dream portends a meeting with the fair sex. Do not rejoice at this event, this woman can take away your joy and luck, turning you into an unhappy man.

The crow of an unusual color is of particular importance. So, coal plumage promises terrible news, shaky health, and minor troubles. And the green color will help get the approval of the merits of management.
A dreamed dead bird or killed by you personifies the completion of the life stage. All problems and enemies will be left behind. You can start new businesses safely.

The whole team of enemies in the working group is promised by a flock of crows in a dream. Do not trust absolutely anyone. Also, this dream can mean the illness of the close person.
If a crow pecks in your sleep, the bird wants to warn you about future difficulties. To get a more accurate interpretation, notice what the bird is tormenting, this will be the answer to the question.

A dream, where you feed a crow, predicts luck in business. All the intrigues, adjusted by enemies, will be in vain and lead to the opposite result.

Dreaming about a Crow on various days of the week

If the crow appears in your dream on a Monday night, it is a sign that you should make some changes in life – perhaps start a business, or finally act on your long-term plans. This dream is a sign to work – if you don’t do it now, you never will. If you have made your choice, this is a sign of future success, and you’ll be able to resolve any conflict well. Start taking risks and don’t dwell on the past.

If your crow dream happens on a Tuesday night, it’s an indication that you are unstable. Don’t hesitate to make some responsible decisions. You might be about to experience small problems, but you’ll overcome them quickly. Ask your relatives or close friends for advice. If you have this dream right before an exam, it’s a warning to concentrate more closely on your studies.

Dreaming of a crow on a Wednesday is terrible news. It means that you are up to no good, and you are dishonest or ignoring your conscience. If there is more than one cow in this dream, you need to make sure you focus on choosing friends wisely. There might be someone spreading rumors about you. Preparing yourself for such a betrayal is essential.

A crow on a Thursday means your family will soon have someone new. If this crow looks left, you will have a boy. If it seems right, you’ll have a girl. If it crows, then the woman may already be with child. The child will be completely healthy, on time, with no complications. They will grow up to be joyful and prosperous. This dream is always a sign of something good, which can include proper career news, a promotion, and social news from friends or family.

If you dream of a crow on Friday, it’s a sign that someone has put a ritual over you, possibly a curse of some sort. It may also indicate damage or nasty gossip. The size of the crow is essential, too. A smaller bird will have less impact. If you dream of many small ravens, it may be a sign of those who are discussing you due to enviousness. This might be the reason for health problems.

If you dream of a crow on a Saturday night, it’s an indication of embezzlement in the future. It is probable that you’ll experience sudden, unexpected but necessary waste to settle what you owe, or to pay an unplanned medical expense. Be careful not to gamble, and don’t sign any contracts.

Dream about a crow on a Sunday is a warning. You need to remember what was around the crow in your dream, and where it cast its gaze. Keep note of the time as well. During the day, a crow is a warning of something beautiful, or right. At night, a crow warns of danger. If your dream is about crows that are hanging around near or on debris, this signifies that you have multiple problems that need to be solved, or that you want to discard.

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