Dirt Dream Meaning

Dirt dream meaning, dream about dirt, dirt dream interpretation, seeing in a dream dirt

Dirt dream meaning is very diverse. This can be both a warning of trouble and a herald of wealth. It is necessary to pay attention to every detail of dream. If you dream that you have stepped into the dirt, …

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Drugs Dream Meaning

dream about drugs

If you dream about drugs, it means that you have significant emotional needs that are as yet unmet. You may find yourself being addicted to the feelings and harmful habits you have. It could be a sign of things such …

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Dress Dream Meaning

dress dream meaning

Dreaming of wearing a dress is a symbol that you are compliant. It may also mean that you like to help others. You may be lacking in assertiveness, and overly agreeable. You may also be grieving a loss of some …

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Devil Dream Meaning

Devil dream meaning, devil dream interpretation, seeing in a dream devil

Devil dream meaning is symbolic of a trap, where the dreamer is tempted and in possible danger. The devil represents the dark side of human nature. It also speaks of your inner strength, perseverance and ability to withstand adversity. If …

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Diarrhea Dream Meaning

diarrhea dream meaning, dream about diarrhea, diarrhea dream interpretation, seeing in a dream diarrhea

If you have a dream about having diarrhea, it’s meaning that an aspect of your life is losing control. It is becoming impossible for you to manage the intense emotions you are feeling, and you need to vent quickly. This dream …

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Drawing Dream Meaning

drawing dream meaning, dream about drawing, drawing dream interpretation, seeing in a dream drawing

A dream in which you drawing meaning a feeling of “your self” in society. In other words, such a dream shows how comfortable you feel among people. But, depending on the details of the dream, the interpretation may vary. To …

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Dolphin Dream Meaning

dolphin dream meaning, dream about dolphin, dolphin dream interpretation, seeing in a dream dolphin

Dolphin in life are good friend of people. It evoke pleasant emotions and are associated with the sea. So in a dream, dolphins meaning important and dear to you people, as well as those who have authority over you. The …

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Detective Dream Meaning

detective dream meaning, dream about detective, detective dream interpretation, seeing in a dream detective

The meaning of a dream about a detective story can be varied. This is usually a danger warning. Do not trust anyone with your secrets – it can harm you greatly. But there are other interpretations that are described below. …

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