Dance Dream Meaning

The meaning of а dream, in which the central theme is dance, can be very different. In general it depends on the details of the dream and your mood. Most often, the value of this dream is related to relationships with other people.

If you dream of being in a dance class, it is a sign that you are trying to keep up with others. It may be your way of showing that you fit in with other people’s ideas and beliefs.

Example: In a man’s dream, he was attending an exercise class for dance. In reality, he was being tested for a job. The dream was a reflection of the pressure he felt to keep up and prove his ability to attain the position.

If you dream of a lap dance, it is a sign that you are teasing yourself in regards to your objectives. You might be attempting to reach a goal that is impossible for you ever to achieve. This may be about the sexual desire for a person. It could also be an indication that you are too secretive about your intentions. Or that you need to take a more objective approach to more realistic achievement goals.

If you dream that you have given a lap dance, it may mean that you want to tease a person. By dint of a goal you are aware is impossible for them to achieve. It could also say that you are using sexual desire as a means to control another person.

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If you dream that you have danced with another person, it means that everything is running smoothly in certain aspects of your life. You are balanced and feel happy about how something is happening. Another explanation for a dance with another person is that it represents how a relationship is flowing. It has to do with the cooperation between you and a partner. This dream may also be an indication of wise decisions and choices.

If your dancing is awkward in your dream, it means that you are inexperienced. You are putting all your effort into gaining balance in your circumstance.

If in your dream, you find yourself dancing alone, it means that you are happy because something has happened just how you wanted. You may be experiencing success. You feel exhilarated.

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