Daughter - dream meaning

Dreaming about a daughter in modern times is a sign of surprise, troubles with your family and minor problems that are manageable. If the daughter you dream of is beautiful and healthy, then it signifies you are your own dreams about children will come true. They will have purposeful lives and this will make you happy. If the daughter in your dream is nude, or her clothes are torn, you will see money embezzled and will experience financial loss.

If the daughter in your dream cries, you need to prepare yourself for gossip and slander. If you dream that she is covered in mud, then be wary of impending disease. Keep a close eye on your health and be careful not to neglect your household.

According to Miller, a dream about your daughter can be a sign that you thought about her a lot during the day. In this opinion, the dream has no real meaning. Otherwise, the dream can be a sign that the bad luck you are experiencing is soon to end. If the daughter in your dream behaved badly, then it means that you have only temporary problems, both at work and home.

According to Vanga, dreaming about your daughter means that something unbelievable will happen to you in the near future. It could be either bad or good, so be prepared.

If you dream of a smiling daughter, then it means that all of your circumstances will end positively. Dreaming about a newborn daughter, even if it has been a long time since your real-life daughter was a newborn, then it means that a surprise happy event will come about to alter your life.

According to Freud, if a woman dreamt of a daughter, it was a sign that she desired to lead a relationship, but it is important to keep note that not all men are able to put up with this kind of behaviour.

Dreaming about your own daughter’s wedding is a sign of impending happiness and joy. This event is thought to be a symbol of happy and good life changes. It is the beginning of total freedom from home and the concerns of your household.

According to some sources, dreaming of your daughter being pregnant is a sign that your daughter is happy. In addition, this kind of dream could be a sign of significant changes, even some money coming in that was unexpected. It might mean that your daughter was chasing her own dreams, and that this is the time for them to come true.

Dreaming about hugging your daughter means that you will consistently argue with her. Even so, this can also be used as a warning, and the quarrels can be avoided if you work against them.

Dreaming of playing with a young daughter may mean that you are about to have some surprise news. If your daughter is unhappy, it is a sign of bad news. If she is happy, then you can expect good news.







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