Day Dream Meaning

If you dream about daylight, this is an indication that you have nothing in your life that is currently making you feel overwhelmed or in danger. It feels impossible to be dishonest, and you are in a state of wanting to disclose everything fully.

On a negative note, dreaming about daylight may be an indication that you are not taking something seriously enough. You may have a sense of everything being beautiful, as long as none of the negative impacts are on your agenda. You enjoy danger because it serves your interests.

When dreaming, the time involved in the passing of one day is symbolic of a period of development, or the time taken engaged in conflict. Regarding a phase, the morning represents the beginning, the middle is the afternoon, and the stage ends with a dream of the evening.
Any dream at all of needing to wait until the next day could be a sign of change that has been caused by a completed phase, or after a problem has already been resolved.

Dreaming of a rainy day is a prediction of a future breakup or some other hardship. If night replaces your daytime dream, it could be a sign that trouble is coming. If you dream of darkness, but with the understanding that it is actually daytime, then you need to be wary of the health of yourself and others. Someone might be able to experience severe, and possibly fatal, illness.

Example 1: A man had a dream about daylight. In reality, he was quite pleased with himself over something he had lied about that it was impossible to prove wrong so that his father would give him money.

Example 2: In a man’s dream, sunlight shone outside of a cave, which caused a demon to die. In real life, the man had been hiding from a person whom he imagined to be dangerous, only to realize that he wasn’t at all.

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