Dead Dream Meaning

dead dream meaningDeath means new beginnings:

If you dream that you have died, it says that you are changing on the inside, and going through a dream of self-discovery. You are experiencing the transition of spiritual enlightenment. You are experiencing a fresh start. If you’re experiencing divorce or marriage, gaining a promotion, migrating to a new place, then you might dream about death. Dreaming about falsifying death means that you have regained control and are embarking on a fresh beginning. You are looking to bring about change for yourself.

Dreaming about your ex-dying is symbolic of the death of the relationship. Dreaming about your parents dying (if they are still alive) means that in reality, you are experiencing significant changes. The bond you share with your parents is taking on a new shape. Just like a Dreaming about your parents dying is a symbol of moving on into your independence and a new journey in life.

Death means a part of you has died:

Dreaming about death can be symbolic of the end of your old habits or bad behavior. It does not always refer to physical death, but can relate to something ending. In these types of dreams, it is usually someone else who is dying. If you dream about a dead person, it is symbolic of your desire to deny an aspect of your personality that this person represents. The qualities of that person are no longer a part of your life.

Usually, if you dream about someone dying, it means that you no longer have feelings for that person, or there has been the significant change in the relationship you share with that individual. Witnessing someone die who you don’t know is a sign that you feel disconnected from things that are changing around you. Dreaming about a child’s death is a sign that you need to take some responsibility for yourself. This dream can also be indicative of the suppression of a person’s inner child.

Dreaming of death can act as a wake-up call. Your mind may be attempting to catch your attention so that you will respond quickly. You need to find a link between the feelings in the dream and where you have felt the same in reality.

Dreaming that you have died can be taken as a warning about your health. You may need to change your health habits or stop putting off a visit to the doctor.

Death means escape:

Dreaming about death may be an escape route from the daily stresses of life. It may be that you have significant fear or obligation, or maybe you are trying to leave a complicated relationship.

Death means coping with death:

Alternatively, a dream about death may merely be a reflection of real life. It is entirely reasonable to experience anxiety when it comes to end. You may worry about whether it hurts, or when it might happen. Death is an unpleasant topic as it is, which is why it often makes its way into our dreams.

If you know someone who is dying, then it seems obvious why death is on your mind more frequently.

Death means self-sacrifices:

Sometimes, dreaming about dying can be a symbol of sacrifices you have made. You might feel as if you are always putting yourself last.

Death means missing characteristic:

If you dream about someone you love dying, then it means that you do not possess a particular personality trait that that person has. You need to think about what it is that makes this person’s death significant, and aim to change this in yourself.

Death means resentment:

Dreaming of someone dying may have a more direct meaning of you feeling resentful toward them.

Dreaming of someone who is already dead:

If you dream about someone who has already died, then it means that you have negative influences in your life and are taking advice from the wrong ones. It may also be a sign that you need to process your feelings about those who have died. It may also be symbolic of a material loss.

Dreaming of someone who died long ago is a sign that something you find yourself in is representative of the deceased’s qualities. It may mean that it is time to end the relationship.

Dreaming of someone who has died recently is a sign that you are still thinking about their death. You are yet to come to terms with the fact that they are gone. If the dead person is trying to lure you away with them, then it means that you do not yet comprehend their death. You are afraid of being alone.

If you dream of talking with your deceased parents, then you are afraid of being without them. Your dream is your final chance to bid them farewell.

Dreaming of a deceased close person is indicative of your missing them and attempting to revisit past experiences. In a fast-paced life, your dreams may be your sole avenue for processing the feelings associated with your loss.

Dreaming of your deceased child is your subconscious’ way of keeping your child’s memory alive. These dreams are the result of being unable to comprehend the awkward situation of losing a child to death.

Just because a person is deceased, this in no way means that the relationship has to be dead. Dreams are an avenue for keeping the relationship going.


Do not adopt a literal translation of your death dream. Instead, see it as symbolic for the end of something, or a significant change.

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