Dinosaur Dream Meaning

Dream about a dinosaur meaning that you need to move forward and leave some things in the past. It is a sign that you need to give up bad habits and thought patterns. Try to remember the details of your dream.

Running from a dinosaur continuously is an indication that you are afraid of change. You are feeling lonely and without help. If you happen to also dream that you are a caveman, then it is a sign that your problems keep revisiting you in one way or another. It could also be a sign that you are trying to alter your own point of view. Even when everything seems difficult, it’s important to persevere, and you’ll reap the rewards of your efforts.

If you dream of finding dinosaur bones, it is a sign of good luck in love. When you collect bones in your dream, then someone close to you might be lost. Dream in which the bones in your dream are piled high, then it could be a sign of death in the family.

If you dream about a raptor, then you are facing a significant fear. You may feel that you are in a place of being powerless to make the right decisions. However, you need to consider this fear carefully, as it has no real purpose. Your fear is controlled only by yourself, so listen to the raptor, because it may give you information that will directly impact your fear.

Dreams about dinosaurs usually indicate thoughts or feelings that have been suppressed. It could be a sign of the dreamer being able to discuss his fears and being strong enough to deal with the emotions related to them, which will allow him to become free both within himself and externally.

If you dream of slaying a dinosaur, it means that you have been instrumental in forcing closed a chapter of your past. Karma has been paid for that part of your life, rendering you free from it. You are able to you’re your life in the here and now.

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